Digital Courses for Sport Practitioners

With our easy-to-use learning platform, you’ll gain access to premium curriculums available anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Our courses have been created by world-class coaches with a track record of success, and Performance Therapists who are revolutionizing sports medicine. Each course features hours of in-depth guided learning content, ALTIS videos, and more, which share knowledge and unique perspectives you won’t find anywhere else.

Foundation Series


ALTIS Foundation Course

Build the foundation of your coaching career with a comprehensive digital education course designed for coaches of all sports.


ALTIS Essentials

A condensed version of the Foundation Course, ALTIS Essentials provides a concise introduction to core topics which underpin successful coaching in all sports.

Track & Field Series


Coaching the Horizontal Jumps

Featuring world-class content dedicated to the Long & Triple Jump, this course is perfect for specialist coaches, multi-event coaches, and coaches of sports which require athletes to excel in jumping.


Coaching the Short Sprints

A comprehensive digital educational program dedicated to enhancing performance in the 60m, 100m & 200m. It is also recommended for any coach working in sports which require performers to generate speed.


Coaching the Pole Vault

Suitable for coaches of all levels, Coaching the Pole Vault is a bespoke curriculum developed by Coach Dan Pfaff to develop understanding for both specialist Pole Vault and Combined Events Coaches.

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ALTIS Performance Therapy Course

A curriculum developed to provide the background and processes necessary to optimize understanding of the application of Performance Therapy. Enrollment now closed.

What You Get

Receive access to a world-class educational curriculum and more.

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AGORA Council

An invitation to join 1000s of sports performance coaches in our private Facebook community, AGORA Council, for an opportunity to connect in engaging discussions on ALTIS educational programming and more with ALTIS Staff, industry peers, experts, and others.

Learn From Legends

ALTIS courses are developed and curated by esteemed coaches and therapists. With your learning progression in mind, these renowned coaches have come together to impart decades of experience coaching World-Champions and working with professional sports leagues and federations.

Control Your Experience

Each digital course is accessible online anytime, any where, and on any device. Suitable for a coach on the go, our platform makes it easier than ever before to learn on your own time and at your own pace.

Guided Learning Content

Gain access to hours upon hours of curated educational content, including videos and visual graphics. In-depth exploration and critical commentary ensures ALTIS content provides a deep and holistic understanding of topics necessary for a successful coaching career.

Learning Checks

Checkpoints inserted throughout each course ensure critical analysis and knowledge retention before progressing to the next topic of review. Successive modules build upon one another to result in a comprehensive study of the coursework at hand.

Lifetime Access

Enroll in an ALTIS digital course and receive lifetime access to the course as content and topics evolve in real-time alongside the industry. Take as long as you’d like to finish the course, and revisit in the future as new content is added or a refresher is required.

Course reviews

“Coaching the Pole Vault by ALTIS is a brilliant tool for coaches from learning to introduce the event through to coaching the emerging elite performers. The in-depth theory exploring the various phases of the vault is world class, and is perfectly complemented by the blend of practical coaching support – invaluable to coaches worldwide.” Alan Richardson | Director of Athletics, Millfield School, England

“Coaching the Pole Vault is a fantastic coaching resource that delivers on multiple levels. It offers some essential and fundamental information and content about key areas of the event, and combines that with a great and highly relevant blend of athlete and coach interviews, video support and additional reading and links. It creates a comprehensive platform for learning at all levels – whether you are a coach that is new to the event or a more well-established coach, it doesn’t matter.”

National Performance Institute | Senior Coach, Pole Vault – British Athletics

“The content is really dynamic and useful. The course represented good value for money, was very relevant to my practice, and exposed me to new information and methods. I would be very likely to sign onto ALTIS Education Courses in the future.”

Joaquin Leon | Athlete / Technical Coach

“The Course was above my expectations. Dan has been a huge influence in my coaching career and this course helped me further understand some critical “why’s” of his training design. I appreciated the reference list/additional reading at the end of each module. The athlete perspectives were also extremely helpful and unique to this type of offering. Thank you.”

John Hunter | Assistant Coach – Sprints, Hurdles, Horizontal Jumps, Multis

“The ALTIS Horizontal Jumps course was the perfect solution – I could go through the content at my own pace and apply it in real time. The combination of written content, images and videos, makes it easy to consume. It’s giving me confidence in new events and furthering my coaching skills for the benefit of my athletes!”

Heather Hamilton | Former international Pole Vaulter | Technical Coach – Long Jump, Triple Jump, & High Jump at Dalhousie University

“Just completed the ALTIS Essentials Course! I recommend everyone to do it. Very good price for such amazing content!”

Panagiotis Roxanas | Track & Field, S&C Coach, Research-Teaching Associate | University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

“I really enjoyed the video content as it shared anecdotal real world experiences from the coaches. It provides you with the assurance that what you plan to do and what gets implemented or practiced may never be the same, and that it’s ok as the coaching process is an ever evolving relationship between the athlete and the coach.”

Brian Doyle | Sports Scientist, S&C Coach

“Just finished the ALTIS Essentials Course. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The last 2 chapters were worth the price of admission on their own. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and skill set. I’ll be referring back regularly!”

Devan N McConnell | Head of Hockey Performance & Sport Science | UMass Lowell

“One of the most thorough and thought-provoking resources out there for all kinds. ALTIS is values-driven and doesn’t needlessly overcomplicate.”

Brett Bartholomew | S & C Coach, performance consultant, author & keynote speaker

“This is a great online source for coaches at every level. A scientific approach that takes you from the early stages and beyond. For those interested in the science behind all phases of performance and not just strength and conditioning. I encourage you to definitely add this to your continuing education program. I personally enjoyed the content from external videos, journals, and additional readings to help tie in the global thoughts from well respected coaches in the community. The fact you get quizzes after each section helps affirm the knowledge and challenges you to critically think and apply the information covered. I look forward to the next phase!”

Paul Beckwith | Director of Sports Performance at APEX Athletics, USA

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