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On August 1st, 2021, during the men's Olympic semifinals in Tokyo, Japan, a defining moment unfolded in the world of sprinting. This course reveals the story behind Su Bingtian's incredible performance, for the very first time.

Embark on a Remarkable Journey

Representing the People's Republic of China, Su Bingtian made history with his extraordinary performance in the 100-meter dash at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Guided by American coach Randy Huntington, Su achieved the fastest 60m split ever recorded—6.29 seconds—and shattered the Asian record with a time of 9.83 seconds in the 100-meter race.

This landmark achievement not only etched Su’s name in history as the first Asian athlete since 1932 to qualify for an Olympic final in the 100 meters, but also saw him winning the semifinal, surpassing even the eventual Olympic champion, Italian sprinter Lamont Marcell Jacobs.

Join us for an in-depth exploration of this incredible achievement through the eyes of Su’s Coach - Randy Huntington.

For the first time ever, this course shares the strategies and training secrets that led to this record-breaking moment.

Su Bingtian Fastest Start in History

Revealed: The Techniques Behind the World's Fastest Sprint Start

Discover the strategies behind the fastest start in Olympic history, as Coach Randy Huntington, with his unique blend of insight and storytelling, unveils the journey that propelled Su Bingtian beyond all expectations at the world's biggest sports stage.

This ALTIS Pocket Guide Course offers 11 expertly crafted videos narrated by Coach Huntington himself. Dive into the backstory of Su Bingtian’s record-breaking performance - featuring in-depth revelations on the meticulous training, comprehensive preparation, and strategic foresight that led to this sprinting milestone.

If you're serious about coaching speed, this is an opportunity you simply cannot afford to miss.

 Now let’s set the stage for a deeper appreciation of the groundbreaking strategies you're about to uncover.

Course Content

When you start this course, you’ll embark on a detailed and insightful learning journey with Coach Huntington, through eleven captivating video-based modules. Each module is carefully curated to provide a deep dive into different aspects of elite sprint training, blending the theory behind Coach Huntington’s thinking, with practical application.

Here’s what each module covers:

Part 1 - The TITLE

This module introduces the re-engineering approach in sports coaching, focusing on refining existing athlete skills for performance gains. Through Coach Huntington's work with Su Bingtian, you'll learn how subtle technique adjustments can dramatically improve outcomes.


You'll explore how Coach Huntington began coaching Su Bingtian in 2017, with a focus on improving Su's stride length and strength using velocity-based and power training techniques, despite facing obstacles like injuries, language barriers, and cultural differences.


This module explores how diverse career paths and interests can lead to a fulfilling career in sports coaching. You'll join Coach Huntington as he shares his journey of leveraging international experiences and relationships to broaden coaching techniques and opportunities in the sports industry.


Learn about the tactical 'short to long' sprint training model used by Coach Huntington, emphasizing strategic development and extension of sprint capabilities. The module also highlights the role of a coach as an educator, focusing on developing athletes who are intelligent and attuned to their bodies.


You'll explore Coach Huntington's program structure. By diving into cycle length, intensity, frequency and density considerations you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of Su's training. You'll also learn about Su's recovery strategies, including the use of a hyperbaric chamber, and complementary tools used to manage optimal recovery.


Learn how Coach Huntington uses drills to help athletes understand and improve their running stride, by enhancing neuromuscular coordination and movement patterns. This modulealso outlines a progressive approach to increasing the complexity of drills to systematically refine an athlete's sprinting mechanics for optimal performance.


You'll explore Coach Huntington's methods for optimizing sprint starts by focusing on the anthropometrics and unique body compositions of athletes. You will learn how to tailor start positions and techniques to maximize individual performance. The module will guide you through utilizing body segments effectively and correcting start positions, including foot placement and alignment, through observation and simple testing.


You'll explore the adjustments made to Su Bingtian's sprint technique, while learning how motion analysis and visual feedback refined his sprinting mechanics. You'll also learn how Coach Huntington enhanced Su's force production with equipment like the Keiser runner and 1080 sprint system.


You'll learn about the strategies for extending speed in track events, differentiating it from speed endurance. Explore how modern track surfaces impact sprint performance compared to historical clay tracks, and understand the crucial transition to maximum velocity. Additionally, you'll gain insights into optimizing energy return from the track through effective leg and foot positioning.


You'll explore max velocity mechanics, learn precise testing methods, and understand how to apply biomechanical insights to enhance stride frequency and length. The module covers specialized drills and training strategies to improve athlete performance and extend max velocity during competitions.


You'll learn the critical role of strength training in sprinting, focusing on targeting specific muscle groups to enhance force application and stride effectiveness. The module will guide you in identifying and addressing biomechanical weaknesses using specialized equipment and integrating these strength gains into sprint mechanics. You will also explore varied and specific training regimens.


You'll download your graduation certificate following course completion. You'll also get pointers and tips on recommended next steps to continue your development.

COURse format

This course offers an in-depth case study of Coach Randy Huntington's guidance of Su Bingtian to the fastest 60m split in track and field history. It employs video storytelling and a curated narrative to detail this remarkable achievement, totaling around 2.5 hours.

Automated video captions are available in English, Spanish (Español and Español De América Latina), German (Deutsch), French (Français), Italian (Italiano), Brazilian Portuguese (Português Brasileiro), Korean (한국어), Japanese (日本語), and Hindi (हिंदी). To enable the captions, simply click the CC button on our video player.

For your convenience, each video also comes with a downloadable, chaptered transcript in English. This resource allows you to download the transcript, follow along at your own pace, and easily refer back to key sections as needed. Begin your personalized and inclusive learning journey with our extensive multilingual support.

Upon completing the course, you will be awarded an official ALTIS Certificate to recognize your achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Course is part of our new 'Pocket Guide' Series. These are concise, topic-specific courses.

Your Re-engineering Su Course is designed to be completed in approximately two and a half hours.

However, you can proceed at your own pace and access the materials as often as needed.

This course primarily features video content, supplemented by short text introductions that provide context and enhance understanding. The videos are rich with insights and practical knowledge.

Re-Engineering Su is a specific look at the journey behind Su Bingtian's incredible performance in the 100m in 2021.

It is not a technical guide to sprinting, rather - a case study on how Coach Randy Huntington guided Su to the fastest 60m split in history.

As such, the content is new and different to what you'll find in our Track & Field Series Course - Coaching the Short Sprints, or our Performance Trinity Course - Need for Speed.

This course is also unique to our other Pocket Guide Courses 'Stop Dragging Your Toes' - a deep dive into the mechanics of block clearance and early acceleration, and From Gun to Tape - a detailed guide to the execution of the 100m sprint.

You'll find these Pocket Guides excellent bolt-ons if you've already taken any of our other courses. Or if you're new to ALTIS and the 100m Sprint - a great introduction into how we do things.

For the platinum package - we recommend you consider taking this alongside one or more of these other courses.

Yes, each video comes with a downloadable, chaptered transcription in English. This allows you to follow along more effectively and refer back to important points at your convenience.

Yes! As with all our courses, you get lifetime access and can dip in and out as often as you wish. You'll also automatically get access to all future course additions and updates.

Video captions are available in English, Español, Español De América Latina, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Português Brasileiro, 한국어, 日本語, and हिंदी. To enable captions, click the CC button on the video player and select your preferred language from the menu.

Yes! Upon course completion, you'll be prompted to download your certificate of completion, which you can print out for your files.

No. This course is ALTIS-Accredited, but does not come with any external provider CEUs.

We recommend the next step following this course is to explore 'Coaching the Short Sprints'. This 5 star reviewed course, written by Coaching Legend, Dan Pfaff - is the most comprehensive resource around on all things Short Sprints. It expands on this course, and provides you with everything else you need to know to succeed as a Coach in the 60m, 100m, and 200m events.

Alternatively, you could explore Need for Speed if you work in Team Sports.

Within this course we provide downloadable PDF notes to accompany each video. This includes a full reference list to allow you to continue your research and learning around executing the 100m.

All the video content however, is only accessible online - which you can access on any digital device with an internet connection.

This allows us to make automatic updates over time and provide you with the freshest, most dynamic learning experience.

You can access everything at the palm of your hand via your MY ALTIS Education Account - anytime, anywhere.

Yes, support is available! If you have any questions or need assistance with the course content, you can easily contact our support team.

Simply access the support section on your account dashboard, where you'll find a support form to reach out to our responsive team. We're here to help ensure your learning experience is smooth and rewarding.

This course is ideal for coaches, sports educators, athletes, and anyone keen on understanding the principles of high-performance training, especially in sprinting.

It provides valuable insights into Su Bingtian's training and career, and shares the story behind one of the defining moments in sports history.

Whether you're looking to enhance your coaching techniques, improve your athletic performance, or simply gain a deeper appreciation for pivotal achievements in sports, this course has something to offer everyone interested in the art and science of speed.

Su Bingtian Randy Huntington FAQ

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