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The ALTIS Podcast is a free resource featuring discussions with some of the best-known coaches on the planet, as well as athlete special guests. Topics include Sports Coaching, Performance Therapy, Sports Performance, Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology, Skill Acquisition, Athlete and Coach Perspectives, and much more.


ellie spain

Ellie Spain

ALTIS Education Director

Andreas Behm

Andreas BEHM

ALTIS VP - Performance

Notable past guests: Kelly Starrett, Dan Pfaff, Greg Rutherford, Fergus Connolly, Loren Landow, Matt Jordan.

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Women’s Health: Hormones & Performance

Take two high achieving women and get them together for a chat about all things women's health as it relates to hormones, periods and performance. What do you get? 45...

Changing Lives Beyond the Weight Room

Strength and Conditioning is about much more than just force outputs and fitness tests targeting high performance.  This was the topic of discussion when Dave Hembrough joined Jason Hettler for...

Project Management with Mohammad Nourani

This episode of the ALTIS Podcast features guest Mohammad Nourani and is hosted by Jason Hettler. Mohammad is currently employed by NASA and has a degree in Engineering as well...

Anaerobic Speed Reserve with Dr. Gareth Sandford

Check out this Two-Part Podcast Series featuring Dr. Gareth Sandford and hosted by Strength & Power Coach, Jason Hettler. Gareth and Jason were members of our first Intern group in...

ACP Podcast with Nate Shaw of the Arizona Diamondbacks

Hosted by Jason Hettler, the Second Thorne ACP Podcast of the 19-20 season is now available. This episode features Nate Shaw - the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Arizona...

“The Mundanity of Excellence” : Thorne ACP Podcast with Keenan Robinson

The first Thorne ACP Podcast of the 19-20 season is now available, featuring the Director of Sports Medicine and Science at USA Swimming - Keenan Robinson. Coach Robinson will be...

Athletigen ACP Podcast with Molly Galbraith

The fourth Athletigen ACP Podcast of the 18-19 season is now available, featuring one of our March ACP guest speakers - Molly Galbraith. Molly is co-founder of Girls Gone Strong, a...

October ACP Podcast with Dr Jeremy Koenig – CEO of Athletigen

The third Athletigen ACP Podcast of the 18-19 season is now available, featuring Jeremy Koenig. Dr. Koenig is the Founder and CEO of Athletigen, a sports genetics company with a...
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