We have coached over 100 Olympic athletes and World Champions, and consult with sports organizations across the globe including teams from the NFL, NBA, Premier League Football, and more.

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Albert Huntley Male Short Sprints USA
Allen Huntely Male Short Sprints USA
Akeem Haynes Male Short Sprints Canada
Ameer Webb Male Short Sprints USA
Anaso Jobodwana Male Short Sprints South Africa
Andre DeGrasse Male Short Sprints Canada
Aska Cambridge Male Short Sprints Japan
BeeJay Lee Male Short Sprints USA
C.J. Ujah Male Short Sprints GB
Carlos Herrera Male Short Sprints Mexico
Chris Royster Male Short Sprints USA
Curtis King Male Short Sprints USA
Curtis Mitchell Male Short Sprints USA
Dan McCord Male Short Sprints USA
Dontae Richards-Kwok Male Short Sprints Canada
Dushos Itsekeri Male Short Sprints Nigeria
Harris Edwards III Male Short Sprints USA
Jake Hammond Male Short Sprints Australia
Jamol James Male Short Sprints Trinidad
Jeremy Dodson Male Short Sprints Samoa
Jahvid Best Male Short Sprints St. Lucia
John Broaden Male Short Sprints USA
Jordan Hoppel Male Short Sprints USA
Justyn Warner Male Short Sprints Canada
Mark'Quis Frazier Male Short Sprints USA
Norris Spike Male Short Sprints Canada
Ojie Edoburun Male Short Sprints GB
Rohan Stewart Male Short Sprints Canada
Ryan Milus Male Short Sprints USA
Sadio Diallo Male Short Sprints France
Samson Colebrooke Male Short Sprints Bahamas
Shavez Hart Male Short Sprints Bahamas
Shigeki Makino Male Master's Sprinter USA
Traveyon Armstrong Male Short Sprints USA
Tremaine Harris Male Short Sprints Canada
Trenten Merrill Male Para-Sprinter USA
Tucker Peabody Male Short Sprints USA
Wayndale Bennett Male Short Sprints Canada
Wilfried Koffi Male Short Sprints Ivory Coast
Alvina Chen Female Short Sprints Hong Kong
Anie Alphonsus Female Short Sprints Nigeria
Candace Jackson Female Short Sprints USA
Cheria Morgan Female Short Sprints Canada
Danielle Alakija Female Short Sprints Fiji
Dominique Booker Female Short Sprints USA
Ella Nelson Female Short Sprints Australia
Hafsa Kamara Female Short Sprints Sierra Leone
Imani-Lara Lansiquot Female Short Sprints GB
Jasmine Todd Female Short Sprints USA
Joey Duck Female Short Sprints GB
Mahogany Jones Female Short Sprints USA
Marvellous Iheukwumere Female Short Sprints Nigeria
Muna Lee Female Short Sprints USA
Schillonie Calvert-Powell Female Short Sprints Jamaica
Seiko Nodoka Female Short Sprints Japan
Shai-Ann Davis Female Short Sprints Canada
Shavine Hodges Female Short Sprints Jamaica
Shyvonne Roxborough Female Short Sprints Canada
Taylor Evans Female Short Sprints USA
Terra Evans Female Short Sprints USA
Aldrich Bailey Male Long Sprints USA
Andrew Tate Male Long Sprints USA
Arman Hall Male Long Sprints USA
Deon Lendore Male Long Sprints Trinidad
Dontavius Wright Male Long Sprints USA
Frankie Wright Male Long Sprints USA
Fred Kerley Male Long Sprints USA
Joel Lynch Male Long Sprints Panama
Keith Cleveland Male Long Sprints USA
Mark Williamson Male Long Sprints USA
Norvel Mohammed Male Long Sprints USA
Paul Dedewo Male Long Sprints USA
Stephon Pamilton Male Long Sprints USA
William McCaskill Male Long Sprints USA
William Henry Male Long Sprints USA
Audrey Jean-Baptiste Female Long Sprints Canada
Courtney Okolo Female Long Sprints USA
Fernanda McKenna Female Long Sprints Chile
Gia Trevisan Female Long Sprints Italy
Jodie Williams Female Long Sprints GB
Kim Hyacinthe Female Long Sprints Canada
Megan Linder Female Long Sprints USA
Shatajah Wattely Female Long Sprints USA
Vanessa Jones Female Long Sprints USA
Andries van der Merwe Male 110 Hurdles South Africa
Aramis Worley Male 110 Hurdles USA
Aries Merritt Male 110 Hurdles USA
Chris Caldwell Male 110 Hurdles USA
Jordan Watkins Male 110 Hurdles USA
Matthias Bühler Male 110 Hurdles Germany
Max Hairston Male 110 Hurdles USA
Mikel Thomas Male 110 Hurdles Trinidad
Milan Trajkovic Male 110 Hurdles Cyprus
Myles Hunter Male 110 Hurdles USA
N'aithan Scott Male 110 Hurdles USA
Tre Lathan Male 110 Hurdles USA
Vanier Joseph Male 110 Hurdles USA
Wayne Davis Male 110 Hurdles Trinidad
Xie Wenjun Male 110 Hurdles China
Astrid Nyame Female 100 Hurdles Canada
Ayako Kimura Female 100 Hurdles Japan
Bridgette Owens Female 100 Hurdles USA
Isabelle Pederson Female 100 Hurdles Norway
Evonne Britton Female 100 Hurdles USA
Kellie Wells Female 100 Hurdles USA
Lindsay Lindley Female 100 Hurdles Nigeria
Melaine Walker Female 100 Hurdles Jamaica
Nia Ali Female 100 Hurdles USA
Queen Harrison Female 100 Hurdles USA
Jarvis Harris Male 400 Hurdles USA
Jeshua Anderson Male 400 Hurdles USA
Joe Green Male 400 Hurdles USA
Keyunta Hayes Male 400 Hurdles USA
Maurice Jones Male 400 Hurdles USA
Reynaldo Radlin Male 400 Hurdles USA
Terry Benson Male 400 Hurdles USA
Amani Bryant Female 400 Hurdles USA
Anna Simone Female 400 Hurdles USA
Ashante Little Female 400 Hurdles USA
Chloe Fair Female 400 Hurdles USA
Egle Stasiunate Female 400 Hurdles Lithuania
Ese Okoro Female 400 Hurdles GB
Laundria Buckley Female 400 Hurdles USA
Tameka Jameson Female 400 Hurdles Nigeria
David Berry Male Middle Distance USA
David Torrence Male Middle Distance USA
Clay Holman Male Middle Distance USA
Duke Tibbs Male Middle Distance USA
James Brewer Male Middle Distance GB
Julian Oey Male Middle Distance Australia
Richard Jones Male Middle Distance USA
Alethia Marrero Female Middle Distance Puerto Rico
Chanelle Price Female Middle Distance USA
Kenia Sinclaire Female Middle Distance Jamaica
Lisa Dobriski Female Middle Distance GB
Roseanne Galligan Female Middle Distance Ireland
Sabrina Waterhouse Female Middle Distance USA
Shannon Morton Female Middle Distance USA
Damon McLane Male Triple Jump Jamaica
Elbert Maxwell Male Long Jump USA
Fabrice Lapierre Male Long Jump Australia
Greg Rutherford Male Long Jump BG
Jeremy Eckert Male High Jump Canada
Josh Honeycutt Male Triple Jump USA
Josh Larney Male Long Jump USA
Mitchell Watt Male Long Jump Australia
Melvin Echard Male Long Jump USA
Quincy Breel Male Long Jump Aruba
Raymond Higgs Male Long Jump Bahamas
Abigail Irozuru Female Long Jump GB
Christabel Nettey Female Long Jump Canada
Lacey Henderson Female Para - Long Jump USA
Malaina Payton Female Long Jump USA
Ronea Saunders Female High Jump USA
Saniel Atkinson-Grier Female High Jump Jamaica
Tay-Leiah Clark Female Triple Jump Australia
Yosiris Urrutia Female Triple Jump Colombia
Brad Walker Male Pole Vault USA
Chad Stoermer Male Pole Vault USA
Dustin DiLeo Male Pole Vault USA
Derek Hinch Male Pole Vault USA
John Prader Male Pole Vault USA
Steve Hooker Male Pole Vault Australia
Steve Lewis Male Pole Vault GB
Tobias Scherbarth Male Pole Vault Germany
Allison Stokke Female Pole Vault USA
Khyati Vakaria Female Pole Vault India
Kylie Hutson Female Pole Vault USA
Mallory Gilbert Female Pole Vault USA
Melinda Withrow Female Pole Vault USA
Robin Bone Female Pole Vault Canada
Shaylah Simpson Female Pole Vault USA
Tori Peña Female Pole Vault Ireland
Vera Schmitz Female Pole Vault USA
Curtis Beach Male Decathlon USA
Japeth Cato Male Decathlon USA
Pascal Behrenbruch Male Decathlon Germany
Allison Reaser Female Heptathlon USA
Grace Parker Female Heptathlon GB
Karla Schleske Shepard Female Heptathlon Mexico
Kaylon Eppinger Female Heptathlon USA
Maddie Buttinger Female Heptathlon Canada
Makeba Alcide Female Heptathlon St. Lucia
Ryann Krais Female Heptathlon USA
Xenia Rahn Female Heptathlon Germany
Austin Gamble Male Discus USA
Bahlender Singh Male Shot Put USA
Jason Salins Male Shot Put USA
Mike GiaM'rusti Male Shot Put USA
Mike Thalken Male Shot Put USA
Rashad Williams Male Shot Put USA
Vikas Gowda Male Discus India
Anna Jelmini Female Discus USA
Kristi Law Female Discus GB
Laura Bobek Female Discus USA
Rachel Longfors Female Discus USA
Yangbo Yang Female Discus China