Learn from ALTIS Coaches, including Dan Pfaff, Stuart McMillan, Andreas Behm with our free video resources. You'll get tips on speed training, warm ups, hurdles, and a unique insight into Coach Dan Pfaffs 'Coaching Eye', as well as the Dribbles and MJ Rudiment exercises.


Through the course of this 11-minute video, Coach McMillan introduces the ALTIS Warm up, and explains each element of the warm up series.

You'll get fly on the wall access to how we go about executing the warm up, and the rationale behind it.

You'll also get a downloadable PDF with the full warm up series ready for you to experiment with.

ALTIS Warm up

Hurdles Video Guide

Andreas Behm - Coach to Aries Merritt - World Record Holder & Olympic Champion in the 110m Hurdles - explains how just by changing this one thing, hurdlers can turbo charge their performance, and see immediate improvements in their results.

Find out more with Coach Andreas.

Become a faster hurdler by doing this one thing


  • How do you approach Coaching Eye Challenges?
  • What perspectives do you view video or real-time movement from?
  • How do you know what to look at, how to look at it, and what matters?
  • How does this information inform your approach to coaching?

Learn what to look at, how to look at it, and what matters when analyzing movement in this free video series by featuring Dan Pfaff, Kelly Starrett and Stuart McMillan.

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Join globally renowned speed and power coach - Stuart McMillan - in this four-video collection, as he provides answers to some of the most common coaching questions and quandaries.

You'll get straight talking answers, which provide solutions that you can apply straight away.

  • Episode 1: Critical Thinking for Coaches.
  • Episode 2: How do you use resisted & assisted running to develop speed?
  • Episode 3: What are your Top 3 Tips from a coaching point of view?
  • Episode 4: What are your core beliefs?


Learn from Coach - Stuart McMillan - how to introduce and progress the ALTIS Multiple Jump (MJ) Rudiment Series, and Dribble exercise to a beginner or intermediate level athlete.

Through the course of this 30-minute video, Coach McMillan introduces both the MJ Rudiment Series and the Dribble Exercise to Precision Nutrition Founder - and Masters Athlete - John Berardi.

You'll get fly on the wall access to how Stuart introduces, cues, and progresses these exercises, as well as insight into how he error corrects.

If you're working with athletes or players struggling to master these exercises, you're not alone: This video is your must-have companion to teaching them effectively.

Coaching MJ Rudiment and Dribbles - ALTIS

Unleashing Athletic Excellence: Insights from Dan Pfaff's 44 Years in Elite Sport Coaching!

In this captivating video, we delve into the unparalleled coaching expertise of Dan Pfaff, a renowned figure in the world of elite sports. With an illustrious career spanning 44 years, Coach Pfaff has paved the way for numerous Olympic champions and revolutionized the field of sport coaching.
Throughout the video, Coach Pfaff shares his invaluable insights, acquired "in the trenches" of elite sport coaching. The video covers a wide range of topics, including the importance of building a solid foundation, nurturing talent, and developing mental resilience. Coach Pfaff discusses the intricate details of training regimens, injury prevention, and the role of sports science in optimizing performance. His comprehensive knowledge is backed by real-world experiences and a deep understanding of the complexities of elite sport.

The secret behind making better use of your warm up to enhance speed - DAN PFAFF

In this short discussion, Dan Pfaff highlights the concept of microdosing in training, a strategy that involves incorporating a smaller number of specific exercises to introduce essential training qualities within a limited schedule. This approach is particularly evident in team warm-ups, where high-intensity activities, such as acceleration work or upright sprinting, are often included.