Motion-IQ is the future of human movement analysis in sport and health.

Motion-IQ's cutting-edge AI brings the lab to the track, court and field, giving you a biomechanics lab in your pocket.

The technology is a video-based tool that uses computer vision and machine learning to help coaches understand kinematics of movement, and apply the data to inform their coaching.  

Produce a $1000 biomechanics report for less than the price of a stopwatch.

All you need is a smartphone.

Assess, don't guess

Motion-IQ takes the guesswork out of coaching technique, allowing you to measure the variables that most-matter to health and performance. 


When you have access to accurate biomechanical data, you will understand what your athletes strengths and weaknesses are — and be able to use this information to improve the quality of their movement — and thus positively affect their health and performance.  


Motion-IQ can be used for all sports where sprinting is an important factor in performance. It is especially key for track and field, and also can have significant impact in soccer, football, baseball, rugby, AFL, and so much more!  

Your Choice of Linear Acceleration, Linear Upright or COD-Braking Reports

All Reports include the following:

Motion-IQ by ALTIS and VueMotion
1-3 page downloadable PDF Overview
Motion-IQ by ALTIS and VueMotion
6-8 Augmented Reality Vidoes
Motion-IQ by ALTIS and VueMotion
Excel data of all the key metrics, so you can run your own reports if you like

In addition, your athletes’ results are compared to their own history, the results of their specific group or team, the cohort they are a part of, and everyone in the world – so you can track their progress.


The Linear reports are designed so that you can best understand how your players accelerate and sprint while upright.

Not just for sprinters, these reports are designed to provide insight for coaches of athletes competing in all sports where sprinting is important.

The Motion-IQ Linear Upright Report explores six vital metrics foundational to understanding sprint performance: 

  • Step Length 
  • Step Frequency 
  • Ground Contact Time 
  • Flight Time 
  • Velocity 
  • Time 

Additionally, vertical force, rate of vertical force, and stiffness are measured.

Understanding the relationship between these metrics is key in crafting a personalized approach. 

For example, a longer step length might reduce step frequency but increase velocity. Conversely, shorter ground contact time might allow for higher step frequency, leading to greater speed. 

This complex interplay requires precise tuning for each athlete's unique capabilities.

Motion-IQ Linear Upright Report

The Motion IQ Linear Acceleration Report measures the same big 6 metrics as the linear upright report does:

  • Step Length 
  • Step Frequency 
  • Ground Contact Time 
  • Flight Time 
  • Velocity 
  • Time 

And also explores step by step patterns so you can better understand how your players are accelerating. 

From understanding the core metrics that drive sprint performance to the intricacies of movement analysis, the Motion IQ Linear Reports hands you the tools to dive deep into the mechanics of sprinting.

Motion-IQ Linear Upright Report


The Motion IQ COD-Braking Report focuses on six critical metrics to understand change-of-direction performance.

The Six critical metrics to understand change-of-direction performance are:

  • 505 Time
  • 5m Approach
  • 5m Entry
  • Full Approach
  • 5m Exit
  • Distance to Stop

These metrics help you analyze braking efficiency, entry and exit speeds, and overall COD performance.

The report also provides insights into the biomechanical demands of COD, helping you tailor training to each athlete's needs.

You can view a PDF user analysis guide to the COD report here.

Motion-IQ COD Speed Reports

 Motion-IQ COD Speed Reports


What's the difference between Motion-IQ and other programs or groups that use similar technology with a promise to improve acceleration and speed?




Your Trust in ALTIS: Rest assured, you’re getting a product 100% backed by ALTIS, a brand committed to quality and excellence.

Unique Collaboration with VueMotion: An exclusive partnership forged to deliver a product that stands unparalleled in the market.



Your Data. Your Insights: Access raw data to carve out reports that resonate with your analysis.


Your Snapshot to Athlete Performance: Gain a panoramic view of your athlete's movements without sifting through extensive data.



Your Reliable Data Source: Trust in the accuracy ensured by leading experts in the field, keeping an honest approach to its capabilities and boundaries.

Your Foundation in Scientific Excellence: Benefit from principles forged by renowned speed coaches and scientists, instilling confidence in every data and suggestion you receive.



Your Evolution as a Coach: We're here to fuel your growth, offering educational resources that broaden your horizon, not limit it to pre-set directives.

Your Partner in Decision-Making: Collaborate with us to make informed choices, translating what you observe into actionable strategies.



Your Augmented Reality Experience:
Dive into unique sprint patterns and intricacies through 8 immersive AR videos, enhancing your understanding and approach.



Your In-Depth Learning Resources: Receive insightful case studies, exclusive content, and early access to research from the Motion-IQ community to enrich your knowledge.


Your Entry into a Collaborative Community: Become part of a pioneering crowd-sourcing initiative, where learning and collaboration pave the way to new discoveries and coaching approaches.



Learn more about what to expect from your Motion-IQ report, and how to revolutionize the way you look at movement, in this short user guide by ALTIS CEO - Coach Stuart McMillan.


Join us at Motion-IQ, where your journey to becoming a transformative coach begins, backed by technology that inspires a collaborative and informed approach to coaching.


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“Motion-IQ has helped transform the way we approach the performance space. This AI movement product has provided us with unprecedented insights and data, allowing us to make more calculated decisions to enhance our players' performance.

By harnessing Motion-IQ’s advanced analytics and real-time feedback, it allows us to better track our athletes' movements and identify areas for improvement.

Looking ahead, I am confident that Motion-IQ will continue to revolutionize the performance realm. Its potential for growth and innovation is immense, and as we embrace the future, this cutting-edge technology will undoubtedly become an indispensable tool for achieving peak athletic excellence within our team and beyond.”

John Griffin, Associate Director, S&C  – Los Angeles Rams

“VueMotion helps inform our coaching interventions, and aids us in tracking technical and performance changes with objectivity.”

Nathan Kiely, Athletic Performance Coach – Brisbane Broncos NRLance Coach

“Geelong Football Club has been using VueMotion for over a year now – I highly recommend it at the elite sport and clinical/medical level.  It integrates so well with the other tech we are using, and the service Ryan and his team provide is wonderful.”

Dr. Steve Saunders, Physiotherapist / Science and Medicine Consultant – Geelong Football Club

“Having worked in elite sport and biomedical realms for almost 50 years, I have always been on a never-ending search for a platform that addresses the obstacles, logistical choke points and barriers to communication, education, and application.

Most of my attempts have been derailed by the needed man-hours to implement such platforms and the fluidity of the pragmatic tools utilized in the operational fronts.

Another major concern has been the ownership and security of data collected.

Finally, I have found a group that understands the landscape and challenges.  I’m excited to see this evolve into my daily works and consultancies.”

Dan Pfaff, Head Coach - ALTIS

“I look to ALTIS and MotionIQ to improve my knowledge and understanding of how my athletes move on the field. This gives me immediate objective data & feedback to help in both the development and health of our athletes. Combine this with the application and knowledge ALTIS provides, and it is an invaluable resource to me and my staff. I look forward to the continued growth of my coaching through MotionIQ.”

Shea Thompson, Director of Football Performance — Arizona Cardinals

“VueMotion is an extremely powerful tool in assessing our athletes.  The ease of set-up, recording and processing of information make it an outstanding addition to any program.  With world-class customer support and an ever-evolving development team, it sets itself apart in elite sport.”

Brendan Whelan, Head of Athletic Performance – Rugby Australia

“For decades I have struggled breaking down video of my athletes skating.  Additionally, there is very limited research published on the biomechanics of elite hockey skating. Frustrated, I eventually became much more focused on skating outputs than inputs, invariably missing out on the critical information underlying elite skating.

Then I was introduced to VueMotion, and everything changed.

The acquisition process doesn’t get any easier and the insights provided in my reports were game changing to say the least. VueMotion has allowed me to solve many of my long-standing problems, but more importantly helped generate better questions. Simply put, VueMotion AI software is in a league of its own.”

Matt Price, Director, Strength & Performance Science — Los Angeles Kings Hockey Club


Motion-IQ is a partnership between ALTIS and VueMotion. The technology is a video-based tool that uses computer vision and machine learning to help coaches understand kinematics of movement, and apply the data to inform their coaching.


Our software is built using computer vision, machine learning, and web technologies.  The system comprises a tripod-mounted iPhone camera system (or other phones with capability of 4K, 60 frames per sec recording) recording a track of 20m. The recorded video is processed using our proprietary patent-pending AI-powered software to generate motion kinematics.


We're here to fuel your growth, offering educational resources that broaden your horizon, not limit it to pre-set directives. Collaborate with us to make informed choices, translating what you observe into actionable strategies.

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