ALTIS Coaching the Javelin & Hammer

Part of the ALTIS Track & Field Education Series, this course is a digital educational program dedicated to helping coaches develop their understanding and coaching competencies in the Javelin and Hammer. With over 180 videos and 18 hours of guided educational content written by world renowned throws coach – Don Babbitt, Coaching the Javelin & Hammer is a must for any coach working with throws or multi event athletes.

Learn what it takes to excel in the Javelin and Hammer.

Develop your coaching toolbox with teaching progressions, programming guidance, drills, skills & more.

Enhance your understanding of the events as a whole, as well as your ability to error detect and correct.

Course Overview

Packed with coaching insights, tips, tools, and progressions from one of the most esteemed throws coaches on the planet, Coaching Javelin & Hammer  presents 18 hours of digital guided learning material available to digest at your own pace, including over 180 videos. Each of the 6 topic-specific modules are designed to be taken in series, forming a platform of knowledge built upon by the themes covered in successive modules. In addition, there are bonus guest contributions from Coaches Dan Pfaff, Lance Deal, & Tom Pukstys to further enhance your learning experience & breadth of understanding.

Who's It For?

  • Beginner Coaches seeking to gain an understanding of the event from one of the world’s best coaches.
  • Developing Coaches looking to expand their knowledge base and challenge their understanding.
  • Emerging-elite Coaches seeking to grow their perspectives, continue their development, and challenge their philosophies.

Course Introduction

Featuring Course Author, Don Babbitt.

Course Modules

Introduction to the Hammer & Javelin

2 Biomechanics of the Hammer & Javelin Throw

3 Technical Development for the Hammer Throw

4 Programming and Long-Term Development for the Hammer Throw

5 Technical Development for the Javelin

6 Power Training, Programming, & Long Term Development for the Javelin

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Course Format

Designed by experts in education and digital technologies, Coaching the Javelin & Hammer allows coaches to access premium coach education curriculum on any digital device, anywhere, anytime.

The course is separated into six topic specific modules, each featuring explanations, videos, guest interviews, graphics, diagrams, and further learning material. Each module also features a multiple choice learning check, providing coaches with the opportunity to check their understanding.

This format allows provides the opportunity for coaches to:

  • Study online at their own pace
  • Take the online learning checks when you are ready
  • Refer back to content at leisure, with lifelong access to the course.

Course Outcomes

On completion of this course, coaches will:

  • Understand the components underpinning success in the Hammer & Javelin
  • Understand basic safety considerations
  • Understand the rules and technical requirements
  • Be able to develop and implement teaching progressions
  • Be able to error detect and correct 
  • Understand the influence of biomechanics on the Hammer & Javelin
  • Understand and apply relevant programming principles 
  • Differentiate programs to meet the requirements of different levels of athletes
  • Select and implement appropriate drills & exercises to aid athlete development.

ALTIS Certification

Upon course completion, coaches are awarded the ALTIS Coaching the Javelin & Hammer  Certificate of Completion.


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Course Creator

The author of this course is Coach Don Babbitt - a world renowned throws coach with over 35 years coaching experience. During this time, Babbitt has coached in excess of 50 athletes to the World Championships and Olympic Games; throwers under his tutelage have won 20 titles at USA Championships; and have enjoyed huge success at NCAA level with both Cal State and the University of Georgia. An esteemed Coach Educator, Coach Babbitt has written over 70 articles and three book chapters for publications on six continents and in six different languages. He has served as Throws Editor for the IAAF Coaches Education Program, and is an IAAF Level V Lecturer for the IAAF Throws Academy Courses since 2009 - as well as having produced and taught the throws curriculum for the new USATFCCCA Coaching Academy.

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Enrolling on this course also comes with the bonus of membership into the ALTIS Community; a private Mighty Network community providing exclusive video content and live streams, as well as a forum for discussion, collaboration, and networking for coaches across the globe.


No, you can choose to enroll at any time you like, and complete the course according to whatever timeline suits you. There is no time limit for completion, and you can study at your own pace.


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