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Coaching the Short Sprints is a digital educational program dedicated to the 60m, 100m & 200m. With over 160 ALTIS videos and 24 hours of guided educational content, the ALTIS Coaching the Short Sprints Course is recommended to any coach working in sports requiring their athletes to excel at sprinting.

Explore the factors that influence success in short sprints.

Provide proven progressions and coaching strategies.

Bolster a coach’s ability to develop beginner athletes into successful sprinters.

Course Overview

Packed with coaching insights, tips, tools, and progressions, the ALTIS Coaching the Short Sprints Course includes 24 hours of digital guided learning material that you can digest at your own pace. Each of the 12 topic-specific modules is designed to be taken in series, forming a platform of knowledge built upon by the themes covered in successive modules.

Who's It For?

  • Beginner Coaches seeking to gain an understanding of the event from one of the world’s best coaches.
  • Developing Coaches looking to expand their knowledge base and challenge their understanding.
  • Emerging-elite Coaches seeking to grow their perspectives, continue their development, and challenge their philosophies.
  • Coaches of any sport requiring their athletes to excel in sprinting, including: vertical jumps coaches, horizontal jumps coaches, multi-event coaches, and coaches of team, field, and court sports.

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Course Introduction

Dan Pfaff

Course Format

Designed by experts in education and digital technologies, the Coaching the Short Sprints Course enables coaches to access premium coaching education curriculum on any digital device, anywhere, anytime. With the ability to start where you last left off, you receive a guided education on your own terms. Our digital education platform delivers 12 modules of engaging discussions with 24 hours of content, graphics, videos, and checkpoints that support your learning experience and encourage critical thinking.

This format allows you to:

  • Study online at your own pace
  • Take the online learning checks when you are ready
  • Refer back to content at leisure with lifelong access to the course

Course Outcomes

  • Understand and apply the biomechanics of the Sprints to their coaching practice
  • Understand the technical model for the 60, 100m, & 200m, and associated Key Performance Indicators
  • Safely and effectively apply progressions to coach beginners to progress to development level and beyond
  • Understand the basics of effective programming for the the 60m, 100m & 200m
  • Learn the components of a successful sprint start, plus teaching progressions for effective learning
  • Understand how to best prepare an athlete for competition
  • Error detect and correct
  • Build athlete competency using appropriate cues and teaching activities
  • Understand the perspective of elite sprinters and coaches

ALTIS Certification

In recognition of your achievement you are awarded with the ALTIS Coaching The Short Sprints Course Certificate of Completion.

Course Modules

1 Sprinting: An Introductory Journey

2 The Dynamics and Mechanics of Sprinting

3 Sprinting: Trainability, Strategy, Technical Models, & KPIs

4 Starting Ability

5 Acceleration Ability

6 Maximum Velocity & The ALTIS Kinogram

7 Speed Endurance Ability & The Sprint Finish

8 Teaching Inventory: Starting & Acceleration

Teaching Inventory: Maximum Velocity & Speed Endurance

10 Sport Injuries in Sprinting: Patterns, Trends & Current Thinking

11 Programming Concepts for the Short Sprints

12 Elite Coach-Athlete Perspectives


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What clients say

“Don't know anyone in the world that delivers the quality coaching content that ALTIS delivers consistently.”

Jorge Carvajal
Performance Coach

"The ALTIS experience is unmatched for any team sport coach at any level wanting to develop and improve."

Fergus Connolly
Performance Expert & Author of ‘Game Changer’

“The gold standard in Performance Training”

Loren Landow
NFL Head S&C Coach of the Denver Broncos, Owner & Founder of Landow Performance

“The gold standard in Performance Training”

Mladen Jovanovic
Strength Coach & Data Scientist, Port Adelaide Football Club

Course Creators

The primary author of this course is legendary Dan Pfaff with contributions from other internationally-renowned coaches and leaders.

Dan Pfaff, Author

Coach Pfaff is a globally recognized expert in the field of coaching & coach education. With over 40 years coaching across multiple T&F disciplines, Dan has led 49 Olympians to 9 medals and has lectured in 27 countries across multiple sports.

Along with:

PJ Vazel, Stuart McMillan, Andreas Behm, Kevin Tyler, Chidi Enyia, Kyle Hierholzer, Mike Boykin, Lauryn Williams, Bruny Surin, Donovan Bailey, Laura Turner.

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No, you can choose to enroll at any time you like, and complete the course according to whatever timeline suits you. There is no time limit for completion, and you can study at your own pace.


“The Course was above my expectations. Dan has been a huge influence in my coaching career and this course helped me further understand some critical “why’s” of his training design. I appreciated the reference list/additional reading at the end of each module. The athlete perspectives were also extremely helpful and unique to this type of offering. Thank you.” John Hunter | Assistant Coach – Sprints, Hurdles, Horizontal Jumps, Multis


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