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Effectively filter relevant information, adapt, and develop critical thinking skills
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"Any coach looking to be better needs this tool in their toolbox. The ALTIS Team hit a grand slam
with this project."

LeCharles Bentley - Lead offensive lineman performance coach, Nike


You’ve spent hours trying to navigate the 'wild west' of coaching certification by mixing and matching pieces that don't always work together to create a reliable, fundamental foundation.

“I successfully completed the ALTIS Foundation Course today, which I have to say completely exceeded my expectations. So much great content, from great coaches that I will be reading and watching again and again as my own coaching practice develops. Really looking forward to the journey that the athletes and I are on and how this knowledge will help direct us.”

Mike Fountain - Sprints Coach - Northern Ireland

what to expect

Who's it for?

Who's It For

  • Development Coaches
  • Forward Thinking Performance Coaches
  • Strength & Conditioning Professionals
  • Physical Therapists
  • Progressive Team, Court & Field Sport Coaches
  • Track & Field Coaches

As a coach, your priority is to develop firm philosophy that will ultimately help you coach your athletes to their best.

Knowing where to start can be complex - which is why we are here to help you sift through the noise, gimmicks, and flimsy coaching clichés to develop real, science-based knowledge.

Develop a holistic understanding of key theories, themes, and principles that directly translate to your athletes

Equip yourself with the knowledge required to make sound coaching decisions

Build the confidence and understanding to question, adapt, and evolve your own philosophies

Demonstrate to employers, potential employers, and organizations that you are a forward thinking, evolving coach

The most reliable resource to confidently build your knowledge and

better coach your athletes to higher performance

12 Core Modules

Dive into 12 modules of foundational knowledge necessary for coaches of all sports – ranging across the spectrum from Track & Field, to Football, to Soccer, to Rugby, to Basketball, to Strength & Conditioning professionals


Video Examples

Video content featuring practical examples and contextual discussion to enhance translation of theory into application


Course Creators

Written by legendary coach and educator Dan Pfaff, and a host of globally renowned coaches - including PJ Vazel, Derek Evely, Dr Matt Jordan, and Stuart McMillan, the Foundation Course shares the collective knowledge of some of the most experienced minds in the coaching profession today.

Dan Pfaff, Author

Coach Pfaff is a globally recognized expert in the field of coaching & coach education. With over 40 years coaching across multiple T&F disciplines, Dan has led 49 Olympians to 9 medals and has lectured in 27 countries across multiple sports.

PJ Vazel, Author

A coach since 2004, PJ Vazel is recognized worldwide for being one of the brightest young professionals in sport research and statistics. In addition to coaching, he is a freelance writer specializing in the history and science of athletics performance.

Dr. Matt Jordan, Author

Dr. Matt Jordan is a highly regarded coach, speaker, and educator, who holds a PhD in Medical Science and a Masters in Exercise Physiology. He has authored and co-authored several peer reviewed articles and regularly presents at scientific conferences. To date, he has been the personal strength coach to 30 World and Olympic medalists, and has worked with elite athletes in many sports.

Derek Evely, Author

Hailed as a leading mind on training methodology, Coach Evely has accrued decades of experience working in T&F roles across multiple disciplines. He has also consulted in speed skating, hockey, and worked with various national multi-sport training centers in Canada. Derek has been team staff at 4 World Championships, 1 Olympic Games & the European Championships, among others.

Stuart McMillan, Author

Currently in his 21st year of professional coaching, Coach McMillan is CEO at ALTIS. Stuart has worked with professional and amateur athletes in a variety of sports with a focus on power and speed development, and has personally coached 60 Olympians at 6 Olympic Games; 30 of whom have won Olympic medals.

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A few words from Dr. Kelly Starrett - Founder of The Ready State - on the ALTIS Foundation Course. 

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The Foundation Course is everything we know about building a firm starting point for coaches. We’re so confident this Course will make it easier to get your athletes better results — that we’ll refund your money, no questions asked, if you let us know within 30 days that it’s not for you.


“Don’t know anyone in the world that delivers the quality coaching content that ALTIS delivers consistently.”

Jorge Carvajal | Elite Performance Coach/Consultant

“This is a great online source for coaches at every level. A scientific approach that takes you from the early stages and beyond. For those interested in the science behind all phases of performance and not just strength and conditioning. I encourage you to definitely add this to your continuing education program. I personally enjoyed the content from external videos, journals, and additional readings to help tie in the global thoughts from well respected coaches in the community. The fact you get quizzes after each section helps affirm the knowledge and challenges you to critically think and apply the information covered. I look forward to the next phase!” 

Paul Beckwith | Director of Sports Performance at APEX Athletics, USA

“The ALTIS Foundation Course exceeded my expectations. I was naturally skeptical about whether the course would provide beneficial content. It is comical to see the amount of certifications that exist nowadays, as well as the quality of the material included in those programs. What I enjoyed most about the course was the videos included in each module, the in depth explanations of the material covered in each section, as well as the additional reading that was placed at the bottom of each section. Since beginning the course, I have nagged my friends in the field to stop wasting money on certifications that will provide meaningless letters behind their name, and purchase content such as this. You knocked it out of the park with this course. Thank you! On to the Short Sprints Course…”

Austin Kirpes - S&C Coach - USA