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ALTIS exists to create – for the first time – a professional environment and approach to Track and Field.

From coaching, to integrated support services, to education, to the athlete experience – ALTIS provides an environment in which the elite track and field athlete can grow.

We exist to help to shape the careers of the best athletes in the world, building championship performers. As part of this overarching aim, we are committed to an education program which nurtures and develops both coaches and athletes within our sport, assuring professionalism and continued growth at all levels of athletic development.

Our sport is the best in the world, and it deserves a home and caretaker: ALTIS was built to bring Track & Field back to global prominence through the unification of the sport and the construction of a new Track & Field that thrives, and is self-sustaining: This global vision is massive and overreaching – and this is unabashedly our vision and future.


Our main Track & Field training site is based in North Phoenix, and the facilities onsite include:

Our Strength & Conditioning facility is based less than 5 minutes away from our track at EXOS. EXOS is a state of the art 31,000 square foot training facility incorporating areas designated for both training and recovery.


In the gym at EXOS, our strength & conditioning facility

The main training area at EXOS is fully equipped with custom-built equipment by leading manufacturers including Keiser, Woodway and Powerblock, offering a variety of CV equipment, dumbbells, free weights, full integrated power cages, lifting platforms, and open areas for specialized drills. The entire training area can be opened up to accommodate seamless integration of indoor and outdoor training methods.

The exterior areas of the facility feature:


The recovery area includes:


Our coaching staff include undoubtedly some of the most outstanding practitioners in the World; globally renowned for their combined experience and knowledge. Not only this, as a private facility we are unique in our ability to offer our athletes access to our whole network of coaches and their combined knowledge pool. Our coaching staff is led by Coaches Dan Pfaff, Andreas Behm, John Godina, Stuart McMillan and Kevin Tyler – a group of coaches who in their totality offer an unparalleled knowledge of Track & Field.


25-meter Swimming Pool used by our athletes

Membership packages

For athletes who are interested in making the ALTIS either a temporary or full-time base can find further information here.

Training camps

We offer fully integrated packages for visiting athletes and teams. We have a dedicated Program Manager who is on hand to support your requirements. To enquire about camps click here.

Coach Education & Apprentice Coach Program

We offer a range of event specific Phase I, Phase II and Phase III courses for coaches and athletes, as well as our Apprentice Coach Program (ACP). Please click here for further information on our Coach Ed programs & upcoming dates.

Staying connected

We provide up to the minute coverage of new events, athlete performances and the latest news on our sport via our social-media feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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