Who We Are

ALTIS is an elite training environment for athletes, and a global leader of education in sport performance.

  • Our Vision

    A global community for the discovery of performance through connection, education, and inspiration.

  • Our Network

    You could call us a ‘blue-sea’ organization - one that places the utmost emphasis on establishing collaborative partnerships with like-minded individuals and companies. We choose this path rather than ‘competing’ with others, as we know that the progress we continue to make has not been created in a vacuum: any success we have enjoyed has always been a collaborative effort, and the combined result of a multitude of individuals and companies who believe in what we do.

    Our network is quickly becoming a powerful driver in sports performance worldwide and is comprised of official partners, influencers, family, friends, and our general community as a whole. The value our network delivers will only multiply as we continue to expand and welcome more organizations and individuals into the fold.

  • Our Culture

    We have built a one-of-a-kind training environment which athletes and coaches from all over the world call home. Our coaches have over 250 years of combined international experience, having coached athletes to a total of 56 Olympic medals. Over 500 elite athletes and coaches from over 40 countries have now visited ALTIS, and 1000s of coaches world-wide use ALTIS-developed training systems.

    Through all this, one aspect we protect more than any other is our culture. The ALTIS coaches and athletes feel privileged to be a part of this Company, and it is this attitude that is conveyed publicly in everything we do - whether that be during on-site coaching courses, random drop-ins of NFL and MLB coaches, our social-media posts, or through the conduct of the athletes who call ALTIS home.

    Anyone who visits us very quickly learns that ALTIS is a truly special place, and we do not take this for granted. It is the adherence to our principles of transparency and authenticity, and our willingness to share openly and honestly with everyone that has primarily built this culture: a culture in which everyone feels part of our greater vision.