Mentorship Phase III: Mastery With Coach Pfaff

World-class mentorship from a legendary COACH


After decades of coaching and mentoring Coach Pfaff is ready to slow down the pace.

Join one of the last few cohorts of Coaches that will ever be mentored by Coach Pfaff.

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Establish a destination that serves as the lighthouse you aim to navigate towards in your coaching career

Find someone in your field who can help you navigate the journey on your way to your lighthouse

Create opportunities to connect and network with other coaches in sports performance 

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The ALTIS Mentorship Phase III Application

This mentorship is for talented candidates who are ready and willing to maximize this growth opportunity. Successful candidates are committed to raising their own game and lifting up others within the Mentorship.

For future program offerings please join our wait list by dropping your details on the form at the top of this page.

Accepted Applicants to the Phase III Mentorship will:

Learn how to determine the factors most important to improving the performance and health of your athlete, saving you time and energy

Learn how to work as part of a collaborative sports performance and medicine team, with authority and influence

Learn how to secure and advance your future working in sports performance

Inside the program

The ALTIS Mentorship Phase III is a digital 6-month program that includes:

Attending 6 monthly group education weekends to check and enhance your understanding/application of the coaching fundamentals. Sessions are led by Coach Pfaff with guest expert appearances, pre-learning materials and a live presentation that will set you up for these engaging discussions

Joining Coach Pfaff in a series of intensive small group sessions over the first half of the program to address the most common problems and grow your confidence
Completing a focused personal development project supported by private one-on-ones with Coach Pfaff

Engaging in 12 sessions of small group/peer-peer led tasks and presentations, all guided by Coach Pfaff, to keep you on track and accountable for your personal growth

Accessing exclusive presentations and papers from Coach Pfaff's private 'vault'

Creating exclusive learning community and network, both during and after completion of The ALTIS Mentorship

Demonstrating your transformation by opting to show your work at an ALTIS Connect Live Event


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See what previous phase III Graduates are saying...

"The Phase III Mentorship has made me review and challenge how I think and operate on many levels. I have developed a better appreciation of the multi-layered ecosystem that exists in the coaching environment and how I can go about manipulating this to assist the individuals with whom I interact."

Peter Hughes

"The Phase III Mentorship is by far one of the best things that I've done to improve myself as a Performance Coach. Coach Pfaff and Nick Ward have put together a program that will have you dig deep, challenge you in ways that will only sharpen your skills, plus give you the confidence and knowledge your athletes deserve!!"

Paul Alepa

"The Phase III Mentorships changed the trajectory of my career path. Over the past 18 years I've helped young athletes become national level, professional and world champion athletes. I now am more clear in my training processes, have a better coaches eye, earn more, and have more time for my family. I am grateful for ALTIS, Coach Pfaff and the many new coach friends I have all over the world."

Aaron Larmore

"Every coach striving to accelerate their game in the field of human performance and athletics must dive head first into The ALTIS Mentorship Phase 3 experience. It will change the way you coach."

Jamie Sochasky

"The ALTIS Mentorship has had a profound effect on how I go about my job and how I organize my thoughts. It's challenged me to focus on the essential and fundamental elements of my coaching and leadership to improve my effectiveness and ability to manage a heavy workload. It not only helps you in the here and now but gives you a set of tools to draw on in the years to come. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

Dan Tobin