ACP Podcast with Nate Shaw of the Arizona Diamondbacks

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Hosted by Jason Hettler, the Second Thorne ACP Podcast of the 19-20 season is now available. This episode features Nate Shaw – the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks – who will be presenting at the December edition of the Thorne ACP.

Coach Shaw is currently entering his 11th season as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Prior to that, he worked for four years with the Toronto Blue Jays and the Tampa Bay Rays.

The single father of one learned his craft as a physical therapy technician before enrolling in the University of Florida’s Athletic Training Program. He gained valuable experience not only as a student trainer for the University’s Football team but also as a trainer at the Student Health Center and their Intramural Sports programs. Nate received his BS Degree in Sports Science with a specialization in Athletic Training.

Coach Shaw is presenting at the upcoming December ACP.

In this podcast Nate and Jason discuss:

– Nate’s experiences as an ACP guest a few years ago
– The driver behind pursuing his CSCS and ATC certifications
– Incorporating speed work into a team sport setting
– Hiring and cultivating world-class employees

Listen using the tool below, download here, or head over to itunes to listen and download the podcast.

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