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The ALTIS Podcast is a free resource featuring discussions with some of the best-known coaches on the planet, as well as athlete special guests. Topics include Sports Coaching, Performance Therapy, Sports Performance, Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology, Skill Acquisition, Athlete and Coach Perspectives, and much more.


ellie spain

Ellie Spain

ALTIS Education Director

Notable past guests: Kelly Starrett, Dan Pfaff, Greg Rutherford, Fergus Connolly, Loren Landow, Matt Jordan.

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The Fear Factor: Athletigen ACP Podcast

The latest Athletigen ACP Podcast is now available, featuring a fascinating discussion between Dr Andrew Huberman, Brian MacKenzie, and Rob Wilson on Fear and Anxiety in Sport. Providing an insightful...

Coach Stuart McMillan’s Best Books of 2016

We are happy to present the fourth installment of ALTIS Performance Director and Sprint Coach Stuart McMillan's 'Best of' Books. “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few...

Lessons learned: A Q&A with fitness expert Joy Victoria following her week at the ALTIS

A former S&C Coach, Joy Victoria found her passion for fitness early on in life. Currently working as a personal trainer at Equinox Gym, Toronto, Joy’s love for the field...
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