Fergus Connolly


None of us learn something new, and hold it entirely independent of what we already know. We incorporate it into the history of personal knowledge we have been creating our entire lives. This is how knowledge works, and it often throws up challenges in how we appreciate the things that are not happening outside of our brains, our worlds, our existences.  It is so easy to...

Stop Dragging your Toes: Part IV

Thanks for sticking with me.   What started as a short post on the toe-drag silliness, has somehow taken on a life of its own, and is now going on 10,000 words.  Apologies - but I really think the context is required here; to unpack this properly, we need to peel back a few layers.   And don’t worry - we are...

June ACP Podcast with Dr Fergus Connolly

In the June Edition of our Athletigen ACP Preview Podcast, we are joined by Dr Fergus Connolly. Author of the book 'Gamechanger' and a premier thought-leader in the arenas of team performance and winning in sports, Fergus formerly served as Performance and Operations Director for the University of Michigan Football program. Prior to joining U-M, Fergus spent two seasons with the...
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