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Structural Integrity / Tolerance

'Structural integrity' refers to the synergistic capacity of musculoskeletal (MSK) chains to operate in balance for effective force transfer and movement efficiency. 'Structural tolerance' refers to the capacity of tendons, ligaments and joints to withstand a progressive increase in physical training and muscle work. It is the ability of these tissues to resist fatigue and injury. This capacity is essential...

The Need for Progressions

Carefully considered training progressions underpin long term planning strategies, and are a requisite for improvement over time; but what does ‘progression’ really mean? ‘Progression’ or ‘progressions’ is often labelled synonymously as ‘Long Term Athlete Development’ (LTAD) in the literature. However, in our opinion, the term ‘LTAD’ has become a bastardized one. In some people’s minds it means something very specific,...


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