June ACP Podcast with Dr Fergus Connolly

Fergus Connolly Podcast


ALTIS is an elite training environment for athletes, and a global leader of education in sport performance.

In the June Edition of our Athletigen ACP Preview Podcast, we are joined by Dr Fergus Connolly.

Author of the book ‘Gamechanger‘ and a premier thought-leader in the arenas of team performance and winning in sports, Fergus formerly served as Performance and Operations Director for the University of Michigan Football program. Prior to joining U-M, Fergus spent two seasons with the San Francisco 49ers as Director of Elite Performance.

Connolly also forged his winning approach as a performance consultant around the world for Liverpool FC, Blackburn Rovers FC, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, New York Knicks, and other Premier League, Australian Rules, and professional rugby teams—as well as elite military units. Fergus is the only coach to have worked full-time in every major field sport in the world.

In this final podcast of the Spring / Summer ACP season we discuss:

  • Successful leadership commonalities between the military and elite sports
  • Getting the best both out of individual performers, and teams of performers
  • The process of analysis in sports
  • Analytics versus gut decisions in coaching
  • Is winning an ability that can be taught?
  • Athlete empowerment and autonomy
  • Managing fear and anxiety in performers
  • Genetics and our environment
  • Fergus’ upcoming ACP presentation.

To hear this fascinating podcast, head over to the ALTIS itunes page – or listen direct from the player below.

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