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ALTIS is proud to announce a high performance collaboration with Barton Health at the Robert Maloff Center of Excellence, South Lake Tahoe, California. This training center will embody the ALTIS elite training philosophies and systems, in Barton Health’s new $10 million, 26,000 sq. ft. performance center.

ALTIS presence at the center will have a symmetry with Barton Health’s ethos of an integrative approach to health, fitness, and medical expertise to treat the person holistically and improve a person’s overall well-being. Center Director, Chris Proctor, sees the exciting new center as “a great opportunity not only for elite athletes, but also for every day athletes.”

As an elite training environment, the location will be certified for the United States Ski and Snowboard Association, and will act as a training and treatment facility for elite skiers and snowboarders.


Chris Proctor explains that “from a fitness and performance perspective the Tahoe community is unique in that we have a diverse spectrum (amateur to elite, new to mature) of athletes and our initial goal was two-fold:

  1. We needed to create a way to serve all levels of that spectrum with custom-made performance and fitness training.
  2. We either needed to train our team to deliver an exceptional training experience or find the experts (ALTIS).

My view is that our partnership with ALTIS allows us to not only achieve those goals, but so much more.”

In keeping with ALTIS’ pedigree in track and field and running, the center will also serve as a perfect training camp location for endurance athletes, with an elevation of 1900 m/6237 feet at Lake Level, housing available at over 2286 m/7500 feet and less than an hour drive to drop below 600 m/2000 feet. This along with the unparalleled scenic beauty of Lake Tahoe and quality of life unmatched in other altitude training environments affords athletes their best option yet for success in a truly desirable location.

ALTIS will be working alongside Barton Health to evolve the already world-class facility into a world-class training location for elite, and sub-elite athletes alike with a particular focus on endurance sports and education events for coaches, athletes and medical professionals from around the world.

ALTIS CEO, John Godina, has expressed he is “excited to expand ALTIS’ offerings in cooperation with Barton Health at the Robert Maloff Center of Excellence. Working in concert with Barton’s existing sports science and community wellness initiatives, we at ALTIS look forward to introducing our systems of performance to expand our distance running and education initiatives in an unbeatable sport performance destination location.”

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Watch the growth of the center live on their time-lapse visual HERE!

To enquire about visiting the Robert Maloff Center of Excellence for your group’s next training camp, please contact:

Nick Ward +1(480)567-9766



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