The ALTIS Foundation Course – A Comprehensive Review

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Unlocking Coaching Excellence with the ALTIS Foundation Course

In the dynamic world of sports coaching, achieving excellence requires more than just passion and dedication. It demands continuous learning and adaptation to the latest methodologies and practices. The NSCA Accredited ALTIS Foundation Course has emerged as a cornerstone for coaches seeking to elevate their abilities and drive their athletes towards peak performance. This review delves into the comprehensive curriculum, expert insights, and practical applications that make the course a transformative journey for every participant.

Comprehensive Curriculum for Modern Coaches

The ALTIS Foundation Course sets a high standard with its all-encompassing curriculum that covers essential aspects of sports coaching. From exercise physiology and biomechanics to athlete management and development strategies, the course offers a deep dive into the core elements that define successful coaching. Each module is designed to blend theoretical knowledge with practical insights, ensuring coaches are well-equipped to apply what they learn directly to their coaching practices.

"I found this course allows for immediate application to my athletes."

Chris O'Brien

Learning from the Best in the Field

What truly sets the ALTIS Foundation Course apart is the caliber of its instructors. Led by seasoned professionals and renowned experts, the course offers unmatched real-world insights into the challenges and triumphs of sports coaching.

Their approach to coaching is deeply rooted in evidence-based practices, yet they place a strong emphasis on the practical application of these principles. 



Dan Pfaff

Dr Matt Jordan

Derek Evely

PJ Vazel

Stuart McMillan 

Jason Hettler

Kevin Tyler

Andreas Behm

Dr Sophia Nimphius



Irving ‘Boo’ Schexnayder


PJ Vazel

Brett Bartholomew

Greg Hull

Dr Angus Ross

Martin Bingisser

Shawn Myszka

Dr Bryan Mann

Dr Ken Clark

Dr Jon Goodwin 

Steffan Jones 

Darren Burgess

Chidi Enyia

Dr Jas Randhawa

Kelly Starrett

Ellie Kormis


The course pioneers an interactive learning model that engages participants through video lectures, case studies, and quizzes. This approach not only maintains engagement but also fosters a deeper understanding of complex concepts.

"The 'ALTIS way' has opened many doors for the athletes I work with."

Jaxson Appel

Building a Community of Forward-Thinking Coaches

ALTIS doesn't just offer an education; it builds a community. Through networking opportunities and access to the ALTIS Mighty Network Community , coaches can connect, share, and grow together, further enriching their learning experience.

“The ALTIS Foundation Course is humbling, incredible, and the best value for something so in depth. This is mastery. Wow.”

Les Spellman

Practical Application and Real-World Impact

The ALTIS Foundation Course excels in translating theoretical knowledge into real-world application, emphasizing practical strategies that coaches can immediately implement to enhance athlete performance.

"So much great content...that I will be reading and watching again as my own coaching practice develops."

Mike Fountain

Designed for Coaches at Every Level

Whether you're an aspiring coach or a seasoned veteran, the ALTIS Foundation Course offers valuable insights and techniques to enhance your coaching approach and athlete performance.

"I thought the course is hands down the best online course I have ever taken."

Matej Hocevar

pros and cons of the foundation course

Altis foundation course - PROS

The ALTIS Foundation Course stands as a beacon for coaches seeking to refine their skills and knowledge in sports science and athlete development. Among its many pros, the course boasts a NSCA Accredited curriculum (2.0 CEUs in Category C) designed by some of the leading figures in sports coaching, providing a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Its interactive learning experience, augmented by real-world case studies and expert insights, ensures that participants are not only engaged but also able to apply their learnings directly to their coaching practices. Additionally, the community and networking opportunities offered create an invaluable resource for professional growth.

Moreover, embarking on this journey with the ALTIS Foundation Course comes with peace of mind, thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee. This assurance underscores the course's value and commitment to your satisfaction and professional growth, making your investment in time, study, and dedication virtually risk-free.

It's a testament to the confidence in the quality and impact of the course, providing you a secure pathway to enhance your coaching prowess.

The videos are varied in length, with automated subtitles and translation if you're not English speaking.

ALTIS Foundation course - CONS

However, no course is without its cons:

Firstly, embarking on the ALTIS Foundation Course journey is a commitment to excellence that goes beyond casual engagement. This course is meticulously designed for those who view coaching not just as a job, but as a calling—a pursuit that demands continuous improvement, dedication, and a relentless drive to unlock the full potential of their athletes.

It's important to recognize that this course is an investment in your future as a coach. Engaging with its long-form content requires not only time but a genuine commitment to study and absorb complex concepts. The curriculum is rich and expansive, offering deep dives into the principles of sports science, athlete management, and coaching strategies that have been proven to yield results at the highest levels of competition.

This isn't about seeking quick fixes or superficial knowledge. Success in this course, much like success in coaching, is built on a foundation of dedication, study, and the willpower to push through challenges. It demands a level of engagement that goes beyond passive learning, encouraging active participation, critical thinking, and the application of learned principles in real-world coaching scenarios.

As such, the ALTIS Foundation Course is for those ready to make a significant commitment to their professional development.

Secondly, right now the text is only available in English (even though the videos have automated captions and translation). Therefore, if English is not your first language you will have to translate using Google or other AI options. ALTIS are however, working on language upgrades for future editions of the course (which all users will have automatic access to).

“The ALTIS Foundation Course is by far one of the best resources in the Sports Performance / S&C realm that I’ve come across.. Its contents are actionable, thought provoking, and inspiring.”

Colin Dell

A Pathway to Coaching Mastery

The ALTIS Foundation Course is more than an educational program—it's a pathway to mastery in sports coaching. With its comprehensive curriculum, expert-led insights, and emphasis on practical application, the course is a transformative experience for coaches committed to excellence.

For those ready to take their coaching to the next level, the ALTIS Foundation Course is the key. Discover more and join the community of game-changers in sports coaching.

"The videos included in each module and the in-depth explanations...exceeded my expectations."

Austin Kirpes


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The ALTIS Foundation Course – A Comprehensive Review

Learn the pros and cons of taking the ALTIS Foundation Course, and make an informed choice on your coaching future.

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