Introducing an incredible Mentorship Faculty!

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Stuart McMillan

Stuart McMillan


If you’ve read my last couple of emails, you will know that we are soon launching a new Mentorship Program.  

Thus far, through the ALTIS education platform, we have written almost all of the Courses ourselves.  With the exception of a few of the track & field Courses, the expertise required to write these Courses has existed within our own staff.

Until now. 

Our latest project is a little different.  

For this one — our biggest and best yet — we have recruited some of the best coaches in the industry to help us out (as well as some experts outside of our industry – but that’s still a secret for now!).  

The ALTIS Mentorship Faculty

To help us put together what will be the most impactful coaching education program on the planet, we are really excited to announce the faculty for The ALTIS Mentorship Phase I: the Early-Career Coach:

  • Dr. Matt Jordan: Assistant Professor | University of Calgary / Director | Sport Science, Canadian Sport Institute, Calgary
  • Jeremy Sheppard, PhD: High Performance Admirist | Canada Snowboard
  • Rachel Balkovec: Minor League Hitting Coach | New York Yankees
  • Kebba Tolbert: Associate Head Coach of Track & Field | Harvard University
  • Fergus Connolly, PhD: Performance Coach
  • Scott Livingston: Host of the Leave Your Mark Podcast / Co-Founder / President | High Performance Consultants
  • Brett Bartholomew: Founder | Art of Coaching / Performance Coach, Author & Keynote Speaker
  • Shawn Myszka: Co-founder | Emergence
  • Dr. Sophia Nimphius: Professor of Human Performance / High Performance Sport Science Coordinator | Softball Australia
  • Duncan French, PhD: Vice President, Performance | UFC Performance Institute 

The goal of The ALTIS Mentorship is to provide you with an Education Program that is equally valued by both coaches and employers.  It is designed to provide you with the information you require not only to improve your coaching ability, but your employability.  

Eliminate the confusion as to what to study.

Coaches starting out in their careers are increasingly overwhelmed by the amount of information out there — much of it contradictory — and don’t know where to focus their energy.

Through our 1000s of interactions with these early-career coaches, a few questions consistently come up:

  • What Courses should I take?
  • How do I become a life-long learner without burning out?
  • What are you looking at when you analyze movement?
  • Should I take internships?

But mostly – the questions revolve around “what do I need to know?”

As a participant in The ALTIS Mentorship, you will learn what sport leaders most-value in their new hires, and will therefore be provided a roadmap of where to direct your coaching studies.

If you are interested in gaining the tools that have been identified by the world’s leading coaches as the most-valuable to employers, then let us know by clicking the banner below, and you will be one of the first to receive full information — and you will receive early bird pricing.  

See full details for the ALTIS Mentorship Phase I : Early-Career Coaches


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