Maximize both your coaching-ability and coaching-employability 

The ALTIS Mentorship Phase I:

Early-Career Coaches

Learn the skills and attributes sports organizations actually want

In Phase I, you will:

Advance your skills and abilities beyond school by filtering fiction from fact, saving you time and money

Understand how to be a successful coach by developing the personal attributes employers look for that are not covered in your degrees and certifications

Develop the coaching skills that are actually valued by the best coaches in the business — those skills that your future employers will be looking for!

Phase I is a 12-week experience that will include:

A minimum of 4 hours of content per week

Insight into the 6 most-important skills and attributes that employers are looking for in early-career coaches

Guidance by ALTIS Programs Director Nick Ward + 12 of the top coaches in the world, including: Jeremey Sheppard, Matt Jordan, Rachel Balkovec, Brett Bartholomew, Scott Livingston, and Fergus Connolly

A mixture of live and pre-recorded content - all provided digitally, direct to your screen

Phase I will show you the desirable skills and attributes your future employers are looking for including:

Understanding how athletes learn

How to understand holistic movement

How to understand, and plan for what really matters in sport performance

How the best coaches think

How the best coaches interact

How the best coaches operate

What our current students are saying about ALTIS Mentorship Programs...

"The ALTIS Mentorship has already proved to be far more than I had anticipated. The depth and focus of conversations has been outstanding. My philosophy, coaching process, and application have already been impacted for the better. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the course holds.”

Logan Byman

"If you're looking to improve as a coach, I can't imagine a better program than the ALTIS Mentorship. Being able to learn in an environment of like-minded coaches aiming to grow and improve has been tremendous."

 Taylor Burns | Absolute Human Performance Training Inc.

"For any Coach out there looking to make positive change and improve as a coach this is the program for you. The self-reflection and self-empowerment that I have developed in just a few weeks is amazing and truly gratifying." 

Paul A. | Sports Performance Coach

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The world’s top coaches trust ALTIS

loren landow

“Coaches and students ask me all the time about key resources in our field. My number one response is ALTIS! The GOLD STANDARD in performance training.”

Loren Landow - Head of Strength & Conditioning, Denver Broncos

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“ALTIS is the single best and largest resource of knowledge in the athletics industry. The combined years of proven experience and expertise is unrivaled.” 

Dr. Fergus Connolly - Sport & Military Performance Expert


“I don’t know anyone in the world that delivers the quality coaching content that ALTIS delivers consistently.” 

Jorge Carvajal - Elite performance coach and consultant

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