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As most of us start to wind down for the Christmas break, ALTIS 360° is just warming up for the second December installment of educational goodies for your stocking…

This Month on ALTIS 360°…

Dr. Gerry Ramogida: The Performance Trinity 


As one of the Godfathers of the Performance Therapy model, Gerry talks in this presentation about the importance of the ‘Performance Trinity’. He mentions that not only is communication important, but so is having the right people heading towards the same objectives on the track.

“On the track what we really look at are mechanics. Each of us in the trinity know the goals that we are working towards. When the athlete has an awareness of what it is they are trying to accomplish, the therapist shares that strategy, and the coach drives it… every input on the track works towards this same goal consistently.”

Matt Jordan: Spreadsheets and Intuition 


The Canadian Institute of Sport head of strength and conditioning presents on the incredibly important topic of being a coach and a scientist at the same time. Matt tells us how important it is to be intuitive as a coach, but also to be able to measure the successes of those instincts.

“There are times in your career where you are going to dive into the science, and there are times in your career when you are going to nurture your instincts; what you see and what you observe… This is driven by being a curious coach with a prepared mind.”

Wynn Gmitroski – Endurance Physiology II

This is the second part of Wynn’s lecture on endurance physiology, as he talks about monitoring, fatigue, injury prevention, and the planning and integration of elite training programs for the endurance athlete.

“It’s about balancing recovery vs. overload… and it’s all relative to the season, the individual that you have, the level of fatigue… What are they taking into it? And what are they getting out?”

And this months poolside chats with the great minds that live and visit at ALTIS include:

  • tissue biomechanics in injuries
  • athlete ‘archetypes’ in the weight room
  • race plans for 400m hurdles
  • long jump neurophysiology on take off
  • tailoring treatment styles to your athletes
  • joint hydraulics for performance and during dysfunction

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