ALTIS 360 Price Drop



ALTIS is an elite training environment for athletes, and a global leader of education in sport performance.

Since our inception, ALTIS has been committed to enriching the educational resources available to the athletics – sport performance community. Overall, I’d say we’ve been successful in this endeavor, with many new initiatives still in the works.

When we first set out to offer a variety of educational resources, we knew that the incorporation of video content would add immense value. With the number of world-class coaches we have in the ALTIS Community, it seemed a no-brainer to start working together to share our collective knowledge with those interested in learning from the experience and know-how of others.

ALTIS 360, our Sport Performance Video Subscription, offers thousands of hours of video content, on a variety of topics, from a multitude of coaches and sport performance educators.

From the beginning our goal with ALTIS 360 was to offer monthly access to these exclusive videos at price point accessible to everyone. We’re proud to announce that we’re finally able to make this happen.  Today, June 18th, we’ve dropped the monthly subscription price to only $9.99 /mo. with the option to cancel anytime

ALTIS 360 is a unique one-stop shop with readily available educational resources for coaches and therapists. It is available via the web, or through the ALTIS 360 app.  Have a specific question or just looking for general training information? Turn to ALTIS 360 and access the readily available content from the experts in the ALTIS network. It’s accessible 24/7 to anyone in the world and also features our famous Pool Side Chats.

If you’re a current subscriber to ALTIS 360, please look for further communications via email regarding how your billing will be updated to reflect the new monthly price. Additionally, if you’re enjoying the videos and want to take your education a step further, look into any of our Digital Courses which take you on a self-paced deep-dive that will no doubt add value to your career.

If you’re not subscribed to ALTIS 360, we hope you’ll consider joining thousands of coaches and sport practitioners around the world who have tapped into this one-of-a-kind resource and are enjoying new videos on a regular basis.

Appreciate your support, 
Kevin Tyler
President  | ALTIS


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