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Andreas Behm

Andreas Behm

ALTIS Vice President, Performance

Are you interested in hearing Dan Pfaff’s talk on sprint mechanics again?

Do you want to see which hurdle drills World Record Holder Aires Merritt does?

Did you miss Stu McMillan’s lecture on programming strength and power for sprinters? 

Well… now you can have all these ALTIS resources at your fingertips.

ALTIS is proud to reveal the next phase in their new education platform: ALTIS 360°; an online hub for people around the world to continue learning and progressing together. ALTIS 360° will be available November 1st, with athletes, coaches and therapists having access to a huge (and growing!) library of videos, presentations, training, and coaching information – all available online.


Members will have access to all previous poolside chats from our ACP and PTP courses, videos of presentations from visiting and resident presenters, as well as training videos with commentary from our elite coaches and therapists at ALTIS.

Starting November 1st check out our facebook, twitter, or instagram to get more information on how to subscribe.

360° is the first part of a larger and more comprehensive ALTIS education program…. AGORA.



1. (in ancient Greece) a public open space used for assemblies and markets.

Amongst their many contributions to modern society, Ancient Greece founded a concept that brought all citizens of the capital together. An AGORA. This was a meeting place for people to come and talk, to share their ideas, and exchange knowledge. This was a unique event, and was one of the building blocks to the evolution of modern democracy.

As coaches and therapists in the track and field world, we often find ourselves in a culture of ‘secrets’ and ‘closed books’. ALTIS is changing that stigma, with an open and engaging approach to sharing learned experiences, and working together to make our sport better.

What is AGORA?

In alignment with ALTIS’ education and high performance principles, AGORA will serve the sporting community with five different pillars of education and content for a self directed approach to learning:

1. 360° library – An online resource for presentations, videos, training tips, and methodology for coaches and therapists

2. Apprenticeship – Apprentice Coach Program (ACP) and Performance Therapy Program (PTP): A medium to long term, practical, hands-on experience working alongside ALTIS World coaches, therapists and athletes.

3. Council – an interactive and accessible space for like-minded individuals to share ideas and discuss current issues at the ALTIS AGORA Council on Facebook.

The last 2 pillars of education are:

4. Classroom (online education courses), and;

5. Mentorship (Mastermind Sessions)

These last 2 pillars will be revealed in detail soon, with an exciting new learning structure that will be available in 2017.

ALTIS is as enthusiastic as they are committed to continue being a part of the ongoing education and growth of coaches, therapists, and athletes. Join the family, and help #carrytheshield.



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