Andreas Behm
ALTIS Vice President, Performance

Introducing … ALTIS Connect!

In March of last year, we sadly made the difficult decision to cancel the upcoming Apprentice Coach Program due to the escalating Covid pandemic.  Little did we know at the time that almost a year later, and we are no closer to welcoming guests back to ALTIS for any in-person Programs.   The upside? The amazing February all-women’s ACP is the...

Life as a Competition

"How can we apply this understanding of the increased motivation and drive experienced through competition, and harness it into increased performance? And how do we do this specifically within an individual sport such as track & field? While lining athletes up next to each other for sprints and drills is an option, it is not always the best option from...

ALTIS 360°: Your online learning resource

Are you interested in hearing Dan Pfaff's talk on sprint mechanics again? Do you want to see which hurdle drills World Record Holder Aires Merritt does? Did you miss Stu McMillan's lecture on programming strength and power for sprinters?  Well... now you can have all these ALTIS resources at your fingertips. ALTIS is proud to reveal the next phase in their new education platform:...

By the Numbers

Coach Andreas Behm takes the mantle for this week's staff blog-post, as he takes a journey through time to explore the realities of what this reveals and exposes in the world of Track & Field. A few days ago I purposefully locked myself in my bathroom and sat fully clothed in my bath tub with the curtain drawn - for...
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