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Resisted Sprint Training – ALTIS & 1080 Motion

Written by ALTIS Speed & Power Coach - Jason Hettler - this article explores the use of resisted sprint training for speed development. Traditional views on speed development are often rooted in maximum strength. It is frequently believed, and sometimes correctly so, that increasing maximum strength abilities will result in a subsequent increase in speed. While this may hold true...

From High School, to High Performance: Sprinting Tips for the Development Coach

The majority of coaches can tell you that training high school and elite athletes should be different, but what does this look like in application? How do you as a coach adjust the details of your training to provide an environment that allows your athletes to develop the abilities that elites execute so well? ALTIS World long sprints coach Mike...

Coach Chidi Enyia on Acceleration development

Chidi Enyia is a sprints Coach at Altis. He made the move to Phoenix in September 2014 following a successful term at Southern Illinois University, where he served as a Sprints Coach for four seasons. In this article, Coach Enyia introduces how acceleration is taught at Altis - beginning with block setup. “While exploring the important qualities necessary for success...
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