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Jason Hettler
ALTIS Strength and Power Coach

The Need for Problem-Driven Solutions

Each of us comes from chaotic environments with different constraints, challenges, and bottlenecks. Even though we all share a similar goal - performance - it is challenging to directly help solve each other’s specific problems.  The complex worlds we live in consist of unique interactions between the elements that make up these worlds. Our context is different. Therefore, the most...

Resisted Sprint Training – ALTIS and 1080 Motion…Part III

In Part 2 of this series we explored the first 3 training cycles, or 9 weeks, of the 2017-18 season and gave context around the Load-Velocity Profiles provided by 1080 Sprint. In this installment we will dive further into the training season, comparing and contrasting Athletes 2 and 3 (Table 1) from the last article. Table...

Resisted Sprint Training – ALTIS & 1080 Motion….Part II

In the first installment of this series ALTIS Strength & Power Coach - Jason Hettler provided a brief overview of the state of heavy resisted sprint training, the ‘Living Lab’ concept, and the difference between exploratory and explanatory data collection and analysis. The Set-Up In this article we will feature the first 3 training cycles (9 weeks) of the 2017-2018...

Resisted Sprint Training – ALTIS & 1080 Motion

Written by ALTIS Speed & Power Coach - Jason Hettler - this article explores the use of resisted sprint training for speed development. Traditional views on speed development are often rooted in maximum strength. It is frequently believed, and sometimes correctly so, that increasing maximum strength abilities will result in a subsequent increase in speed. While this may hold true...

Strength Training Programming

This article, written by ALTIS Strength & Power Coach - Jason Hettler outlines some of the strategies used by ALTIS to develop effective Strength Training Programs. The development and progression of a strength training program from early season training into the competitive season is a common concern of many coaches I speak with. Additionally, many of the interns that come...
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