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Ellie Kormis

Ellie Kormis

ALTIS Director of Education

Altis is excited to today unveil the launch of a strategic partnership with leading Arizona massage therapy practice – Movement Restoration; a move set to further advance the industry-leading services offered to Altis athletes.

With a notable record of serving long-term clients including Olympians and Professional sports-people, Movement Restoration founder, and one of Arizona’s most sought-after massage therapists – Trisha Haws explained the collaboration: “The partnership is a natural one given my experience working with athletes of all sports, including Olympic runners and NFL, MLB, NHL and PGA pros. Like me, Altis understands and is passionate about educating athletes on the importance of massage therapy … I’m excited about the partnership, and look forward to complementing Altis’ training and recovery program.”

The team at Movement Restoration will enrich the training and recovery of athletes by delivering an integrated approach to individualized soft tissue massage therapy. Recognizing the potent potential of external dynamic compression and the crucial role it plays in recovery, Movement Restoration will also integrate pulse technologies and other performance therapies to expedite and enhance recovery processes.

The team at Movement Restoration will enrich the training and recovery of athletes by delivering an integrated approach to individualized soft tissue massage therapy.
The Partnership with Movement Restoration is set to further enhance the training and recovery of athletes at Altis.

“We are really excited to get started with Movement Restoration” said Performance Director, Stuart McMillan. “In a very short time, they have developed an excellent reputation of quality therapy in the Phoenix area, and we cannot wait for our athletes to reap the benefits of this new partnership. We look forward to their visits at our facility in North Phoenix, as well as sending a group of athletes down to their beautiful clinic in Scottsdale.”

We spoke to Founder, Trisha Haws to find out more:

Trisha – thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Could you start by summarizing the philosophy of Movement Restoration?

Movement Restoration’s philosophy is simple: We believe in enhancing overall health and quality of life through an integrated approach to massage and movement. For many people, especially athletes and active adults, movement can be restricted because of rigorous activity, overuse, repetitive movement and even workplace conditions and activities. We believe that the first step in restoration is creating an awareness of this restricted movement, so education is an integral part of our work. Because each person has unique issues and needs, treatments are also individualized to promote movement, flexibility, circulation, and overall performance.

“Education is an integral part of our work”

Trisha Haws

What have been your main influences in terms of developing this method of practice?

I’ve always been passionate about helping people enhance their overall health and quality of life. Since 2001, I’ve had the opportunity to treat a wide range of clients; everyone from professional and Olympic athletes, to active adults and business men and women – while working everywhere from award-winning spas, to Chiropractic and Wellness centers, to elite athletic training facilities like EXOS. My diverse background and experience has taught me that while there are many factors that contribute to compression of joints, tight muscles and discomfort – an integrated approach to massage and movement can push clients forward in achieving results. Movement Restoration is the fulfillment of my vision to be an ambassador of movement, and work closely with clients to positively contribute to their personal health and well-being.

“Movement Restoration is the fulfillment of my vision to be an ambassador of movement”

Trisha Haws

Tell us about Altis from your perspective as practitioners – the environment, the way of thinking – how does it align with your own practice?

Altis provides an environment in which the elite track and field athlete can grow. Every aspect of Altis – from coaching, to integrated support services, to education, to the athlete experience – is contributing to the athlete’s individual growth and development. Everything is dedicated to shaping the careers of the best athletes in the world and building championship performers. This overarching goal is very much in line with Movement Restoration’s philosophy and integrated approach. Like Altis, Movement Restoration is committed to education, nurturing and developing, all while assuring professionalism: We’re both committed to moving people forward. Just like Altis who prides itself on hiring only the best trainers, coaches and educators from around the world, I have also compiled an elite team of licensed and certified massage therapists who share my philosophy, core principles and integrated approach.

What are you looking forward to in terms of the partnership?

This alliance is an exciting one for many reasons; not least of which is knowing that my Movement Restoration team is contributing to the growth and success of some of the best Track and Field athletes and championship performers from around the world. I’m looking forward to enhancing the Altis’ world-famous strength and conditioning program, and working alongside and learning from the incredible team of professionals – trainers, coaches and athletes based there.

Trisha – thanks for your time.

You can find out more by visiting the Movement Restoration website, or following the team on Twitter.


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