Series 16: Ameer Webb

Ameer Webb

Peter Simmons

ALTIS Brand Lead & MD of 5or6 Design & Branding

As the USA Track & Field Olympic trials get underway in Eugene, we caught up with sprinter Ameer Webb on his season so far and hopes going into the event.

“It’s going pretty good, it has been exciting” reflected Ameer. “I’ve put in a lot of hard work but when you see a 19 as an opener, it makes you want to keep pushing through that.”

“Before arriving in Phoenix I really needed some training partners to push my speed work. Some faster training.”

“I like being competitive, that’s where I feel like my success comes from. So having a lot of fast guys around me pushes me everyday.”

“I have improved my position in the blocks but the main difference is that I’m getting to sprint more; I am getting to find my rhythm.”

Webb has been in impressive form this year, winning the Rome Diamond League 200m race and setting a new PR of 9.94 in the 100m on the same night.

“I had a lot of confidence going into Europe. I really wanted to go out there and execute the best I could, so winning my first diamond league meet was big for me. In the 100 I threw the dice and it came out pretty well.”

“Every step I’ve had, every successful step has been adding more and more to my confidence and making me feel like I can really compete with others.”

Ameer will compete in the 200m at Olympic Trials, the first round taking place on Thursday July 7.

“It’s been a lot of mental preparation. I go through my cues in a race and execute them in my head, just making sure it all matches up. Then it’s just about getting therapy, making sure everything is moving right and that I’m healthy.”

“I really just want to make the team, if I do, that’ll be a huge relief off my shoulders, as I’ve never made one before. That’s really my short-term goal. And then after that, I’ll be happy with whatever comes.”

You can follow Ameer’s progress by following him on twitter @fastlikewebb


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