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Our therapists and coaches work tirelessly day in and day out, and they deserve the most credit. Big respect to those guys.
Ellie Kormis

Ellie Kormis

ALTIS Director of Education

We are excited to announce that bookings are now open for our special Olympic edition of the ALTIS Apprentice Coach Program.

In conjunction with our Rio Olympic Games Holding Camp, we have a panel of renowned guest presenters set to speak at what promises to be an incredibly special ACP: Dr John Berardi, Dr Jeremy Koenig, Matt Jordan, Brett Bartholomew and Kelly Starrett.

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Our guest presenters will be on-site for 3-5 days each, and ACP participants will enjoy informal shop-talk with all of them, as well as with our on-the-ground ALTIS coaching staff – led by Head Coach, Dan Pfaff. Coach Pfaff is universally respected as one of the premier coach educators in all sport – not just Track & Field … and our ACP has hosted dozens of coaches from multiple sports including American football, Soccer, Rugby, Aussie Rules, Hockey, and basketball.  Additionally, we have welcomed dozens more Strength & Conditioning coaches and Therapists.

Perhaps the highlight of this edition of the ACP though, is the unique opportunity to witness first-hand the final preparations of up to 25 Rio-bound athletes before they depart for the Games.

Dan Pfaff ALTIS
This special ACP week will include 6 presentations, each followed by our now famous ‘pool-side’ chat

In what promises to be an incredible week of learning, the ACP week will include 6 presentations, each followed by our now famous ‘pool-side chat’ – your opportunity to ask anything and everything of our coaching team and guest presenters: A truly unique experience that won’t be available again for at least another 4 years.

Westin Kierland Resort and Spa will be hosting our ACP dinner, this is our choice hotel in the area should any ACP guests wish to book in directly. 

Guest Presenters

Dr John Berardi

Dr. Berardi is a world renowned coach, author, and the founder of Precision Nutrition.   Through this platform he and his team have been able to assist hundreds of thousands of individuals educate themselves on how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Twitter: @insidePN
Web: http://www.precisionnutrition.com

Matt Jordan

Matt is a strength coach, the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Canadian Sport Institute-Calgary, and the Director of Sports Science and Sports Medicine for Alpine Canada.  He has been the personal strength coach to over 20 World and Olympic medalists across a wide variety of sports and is currently completing his Doctorate in Medical Sciences focusing on ACL Injury/Re-Injury prevention in elite alpine skiers.

Twitter: @JordanStrength
Web: http://www.jordanstrength.com

Brett Bartholomew

Brett is a strength and conditioning coach at Unbreakable Performance in Los Angeles, CA, the former Director of the NFL & UFC programs for all EXOS facilities, who served as a lead coach for the MLB/MiLB program.  Brett works with athletes of all levels across a wide spectrum of events, with a special focus on UFC and NFL football, and is an international speaker on a variety of performance related topics, with a special focus on motivation and communication.

Twitter: @Coach_BrettB

Dr Jeremy Koenig

Dr Koenig is the founder & CEO of Athletigen.  Athletigen is on the forefront of the exciting connection between genetics and performance.  They pride themselves on being the premier informational and educational platform meant to aid in training and performance. Dr Koenig’s goal is to educate individuals on the current state of scientific knowledge relating to the role genetics play in human performance. That knowledge can then be applied to training programs, giving athletes and coaches an additional tool in their quest for precision performance.

Twitter: @koenigator
Web: https://www.athletigen.com

Register here for the ACP

This is what some of our previous guests have had to say on their ACP experience:

“I had the pleasure of attending the Apprentice Coaching Program … it was truly amazing. Dan Pfaff, Stuart McMillan, Andreas Behm, and the team put on a one of a kind opportunity with complete access to all their years of knowledge in the sport of track and field.  If you are a coach that wants to truly see a multi-disciplinary approach to the management, preparation, and execution of the coach, athlete, therapist paradigm, this is for you!”
– Jeff Moreno, DPT

“The Apprentice Coach Program is a unique coaching education opportunity that should be a game-changer for anyone involved in sport. The guiding philosophy of the group to share expertise and challenge the status-quo makes for an enjoyable but equally thought-provoking experience. Dan, Stu, Andreas, and the rest of the staff are an impressive coaching team that exudes passion and knowledge in their particular skill-set, leaving you not only motivated to learn more, but to also be a better coach and person.”
– Dr Ian McKeown

If you really value your development as a Coach or Therapist, this is not to be missed. With limited spaces filling up fast, be sure to book your place now!


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