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Ellie Kormis

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It’s starting to warm up, and so are the track, field and summer sports! ALTIS 360° will keep you up to date with what you and your athletes need for this season. With his new book out this month, Brett Bartholomew talks with ALTIS on his experiences, trials and tribulations as a strength coach. Also, sports psychologist Marc Strickland will give you the coaching tools you need to take your athletes from good, to great.

Brett Bartholemew: Confessions of a Strength Coach


Author of new book Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In (out 11th March, 2017)

After coaching 23 different sports at the highest level, sitting in on countless courses, and reading 1000s of articles, Brett takes us through a new approach to coaching and conditioning. In his maiden voyage on this topic, he strips down the elements of coaching to the simplest and most significant messages he has learned over the years.

What we have in this industry is a coaching issue. People are confusing exposure for experience…. I could get up and and do the popular strength coach thing… I would much rather say ‘Lift weights, at different speeds, with different loads, at different volumes, in different ways, at different times of the year.’

Marc Strickland: Sports Psychology – The Brain Always Wins 


As a performance psychologist of one of the most mind challenging sports in the sporting world – baseball (Oakland Athletics) – Marc shares his knowledge with us from his work with vast experience in the field of sports psychology. He covers what are the most important aspects of athlete development in the untapped field of the mind; mental skill development, relationships, and effective collaboration with coaches.

The brain always reacts first… You can train all you want, but when they get into that ‘fight or flight’ mode, the brain is going to respond regardless of their training. It’s about managing that response; in a healthy way, in a productive way.

New poolside chat content comes from the February ACP in Phoenix, topics include:

  • training group dynamics and success
  • hammer throw training with Derek Everly
  • contact and execution of plyometric exercises
  • applying research to coaching; traps and misnomers
  • periodization for strength and power events

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