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This Month on ALTIS 360°…

John Berardi: Nutrition Coaching 

@insidePN                                  www.precisionnutrition.com

The hugely successful and respected worldwide nutrition expert asks some provoking questions in this popular presentation to ALTIS last year. John will help you work out how to get the most from the athletes you work with and help improve decisions about what goes in their bodies…

What kind of things could you be doing to make it hard for athletes to follow your advise… to eat better, and to have success in this health and performance?

Stu McMillan: Strength Development for Sprinters and Football Players

@StuartMcMillan1                     www.mcmillanspeed.com

Before he was coaching Olympic Medallists in the sprints, Stu McMillan started his journey as a strength and power coach. In this keynote presentation, he breaks down the complex task of planning for athletic development into some simple take-homes: 1. Where are you going? and.. 2. How do you get there? Stu gives us purpose towards why we lift weights to help improve these athletes…

.. your ability to handle eccentric load is actually what is the determining factor of the efficacy of the (Olympic) lift. If that is the case, and I would argue it probably is, then why do we do with the rest of the movement?

Les Gramantik: Jessica Zelinka Case Study 

As a new post in the Legacy Series, Canadian coach Les Gramantik takes us through the training elements that make up one of the best female multi event athletes that the sport has seen. In a rare and detailed approach, Les talks of his experiences with Zelinka and how looking after the basics with all athletes is so important.

  • Identify the athlete’s strength and maximise it
  • Teach basic technical elements correctly from the start
  • Work on co-ordination that saves re-learning and thus reduce inefficiency

The poolside chat topics from this month’s discussions include:

  • athlete recruiting for your training group
  • autonomic nervous system response to physical treatments
  • individualising strength programs for each athlete
  • training and periodisation throughout an Olympic cycle


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