Introducing Altis


Peter Simmons

ALTIS Brand Lead & MD of 5or6 Design & Branding

Today, the world’s leading elite environment for track and field unveiled its new brand – Altis.

Formerly known as the World Athletics Center, the launch of Altis signifies a defining moment for the company who have made a significant impact in the world of track and field since its inception in 2008.

“The new brand marks a clear forward direction for the company, it really gets to the heart of what we are about and gives us greater flexibility as we expand,” explained Altis founder John Godina.

“Altis and the shield encapsulate our values and vision of an elite community at all levels within the sport. Athletes are at the center of our approach in creating one of the best training and learning environments in the world.”

The new name and logo have been part of a journey led by the integrated branding team from 5or6, a UK based branding and web consultancy.

The name, derived from a Greek sanctuary for the Gods, was the original name for Olympia, the place where the first Olympic Games took place.

“We had actually short-listed the name Altis before discovering its origin,” explained brand lead Peter Simmons. “It hits all of the criteria we had set-out to meet at the start of the journey.”

“The new shield signifies the feeling of being part of something larger, a family. The A within the shield represents Altis, but also Mount Olympus. We believe it is a positive brand that truly represents the elite environment they have created, and the brand will have a significant role to play in the company’s outward communication in the future.”

Altis has 17 athletes from 13 different countries set to compete at the World Championships in Beijing later this month. They include World Record holder & Olympic Champion Aries Merritt (USA), 200m World & Olympic finalist Anaso Jobodwana (South Africa), new Canadian-record holder in the long jump Christabel Nettey (Canada), and Asian and Commonwealth Games Discus Champion Vikas Gowda (India).

With phase one of the brand launch complete, phase two will launch in October with a brand new website as Altis prepares for the Olympics in Rio 2016.


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