February in ALTIS 360°

Ellie Kormis

Ellie Kormis

ALTIS Director of Education

The indoor track season is upon us, which means outdoor is not far away! We have your new ALTIS 360° content fix right here and ready to go for an exciting track season ahead..

This month on ALTIS 360°:

Dan Pfaff: Everything you do matters.


The legendary coach with 44 years of coaching experience and success details his approach to KPIs (key performance indicators) for speed and power sports. As a self proclaimed honors student from the ‘School Of Hard Knocks’, Dan explains how a big budget does not always lead to a successful program or coach.

Does that mean we didn’t throw? No. It meant we changed how we cued things. So if those proprioceptors are exhausted [from heavy weight training 48 hours before], generally athletes can feel temporal things, like rhythm… flow, they just can’t feel spatial things, like where their limbs are or what their limbs are doing.

As always, ALTIS’ famous poolside chats this month are available from the January ACP. This is a place where the floor is open for any topic of questioning and an informal approach is taken with the coaches and therapists at ALTIS.

This Month’s Topics Include:

  • hydration balance in athletes
  • length and intention of warm-ups
  • appropriate mobility for athletes and ’tissue compliance’
  • athlete anthropometry and the weight room
  • training centre ‘synergy’ to increase athletic performance
  • hot vs cold immersion therapy for recovery

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