Stuart McMillan

Stuart McMillan


Over the last week, I have been sharing my thoughts on ‘leaning into discomfort’ as a way to reduce ‘limbic friction’, and how we can seek out such opportunities.  

Starting February 1st, myself – as well as a few friends and colleagues from around the world (won’t you join us?) will be ‘embracing the suck’, by doing something sucky every day.

But how will we maintain motivation for the whole month?

Being a part of a community of others will help, but Steve Mesler and myself were talking about other ways that we can do this, and at the same time supporting a couple of worthwhile causes.  I love the work that Steve has been doing with Classroom Champions since he retired in 2010, and I suggested we raise money for this amazing non-profit, and so we have decided that 50% of what we raise will go to Classroom Champions.

You can donate and keep up with the progress of this fundraiser here.

Steve has pledged that with funds raised, Classroom Champions will:

  1. Bring programming scholarships to more elementary schools in school districts that serve communities of color across North America
  2. Focus on integrating ‘limbic friction’ into the next generation of Classroom Champions curriculum.

The other 50% will go to the ALTIS Foundation – the Foundation we started as a result of the incredible support we received from our first Virtual Coach’s Program.  In June of last year, we were joined by over 1400 coaches, and raised over $120,000.  Since our inception, it has been our mission to help create opportunities where they haven’t historically existed, and so we decided to put the monies towards the establishment of scholarship funds at an Historically Black College — hoping in some modest way that we could help create an opportunity where it might not otherwise exist.

I’m excited for our community to support Classroom Champions to give students of color the tools that we believe sport can bring to kids to help fill the student pipeline for the ALTIS HBCU Scholarship Endowment at the same time. The power of sport is showing that positive impact within our schools as young as kindergarten can help shape the trajectory of black youth into adulthood. 

We would love your support in this endeavor!

Steve and I – as well as our fellow ‘suck-embracers’ – will, throughout the month of February – encourage, cajole, beg, and plead our community to donate to these wonderful causes.  

If under-served school kids, and the education of HBCU student-athletes are worthy of your patronage, please check out our fundraiser page, and donate what you can.  We even have some special bonuses for those of you who feel extra-giving!

Thanks again!

Oh – and if you want to join in with us – drop me a tweet, twitter DM or an IG message, with your thoughts: will you join in on the 100×100+100 & 5 miles, or do you have something else in mind? 

Let’s keep track of each other, hold each other accountable, and share all of the ups and downs through the hashtag #EmbraceTheSuck. (And if you DO join us, please encourage all of your family, friends, and colleagues to support you – and our two amazing non-profits!)

We are looking forward to a great month!

Sorry – forgot to tell you who is in to #embracethesuck so far:

  • Stuart McMillan – CEO | ALTIS
  • Steve Mesler – CEO | Classroom Champions / Olympic gold medalist
  • Nick Ward – Programs Director | ALTIS
  • Andreas Behm – VP Performance | ALTIS
  • Derek Evely – Coach | Eveltrak Sports
  • Lauryn Williams – 4-time Olympian, 3-time Olympic medalist
  • Chris Miller – Athletic Development Coach | US Ski & Snowboard
  • Nathaniel Miller – Canadian Water Polo Olympian
  • Ian McKeown – Head of High Performance | Port Adelaide FC
  • Darren Burgess – High Performance Manager | Melbourne AFC
  • Dave Watts – Strength & Power Coach | Melbourne AFC
  • Les Spellman – Founder | Spellman Performance
  • Web Smith – Founder | 2PM
  • Selwyn Griffith – Head of Strength and Conditioning | Melbourne AFC
  • Katherine Peterson – Community Manager | Classroom Champions
  • Duncan Mathieson – Managing Director | Realis Estates
  • Jordan Clarke – Sport Scientist | CSI, Ontario
  • Lynwood Robinson – Photographer | Optic Entertainment
  • Georgie Islip – Running Coach
  • Dr. Steve Norris – Performance Conversationalist
  • Dan Growden – former international speed skater
  • Michael Thomas – Head T&F Coach | Berea College
  • James Forsyth – Associate Lecturer | University of Wollongong
  • Chris Klachan – Performance Chiropractor
  • Ross Dominokovich – Olympic bobsledder | New Zealand
  • Jeff Cubos – Performance Therapist

Join us!!


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