Aries wins Beijing Bronze


Peter Simmons

ALTIS Brand Lead & MD of 5or6 Design & Branding

American hurdler Aries Merritt added to the Altis medal tally on Friday evening as he won bronze in the IAAF World Championships final in Beijing.

Aries recorded a seasons’ best time of 13.04, just behind Russian Sergey Shubchenko who took gold running a National Record of 12.98, whilst Jamaica’s Hansle Parchment finishing second in 13.03.

Merritt’s medal means that Altis have taken medals from across four continents: Europe (Rutherford), Australasia (Lapierre), Africa (Jobodwana) and now North America.

Meanwhile in the field, Christabel Nettey competed in the Women’s Long Jump final for Canada, finishing in fourth place with a jump of 6.95. Hurdler Isabelle Pedersen set Personal Record of 12.86 in the 100 hurdles semi finals.


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