April Athletigen ACP Podcast with guest presenter Dr Jeremy Sheppard



ALTIS is an elite training environment for athletes, and a global leader of education in sport performance.

This Spring we’re set to welcome another fantastic line up of speakers onsite for the April edition of the Athletigen Apprentice Coach Program.

Among the guest presenters will be Dr. Jeremy Sheppard – Canadian Sport Institute-Pacific & SSSM Lead, and S&C Coach for Canada Snowboard. Prior to this role, Dr. Sheppard worked at Surfing Australia’s High Performance Center as the Sport Science Manager and Head of Strength & Conditioning. He has also been posted in S&C and Senior Scientist positions with Olympians at the Queensland Academy of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport, and Canadian Sport Center.

With such a diverse blend of experiences to share, we took the time to sit down with Jeremy for the first of two April ACP podcasts.

To listen to Dr Sheppard’s thoughts on the topics below – and more – click the player below, or head over to the ALTIS Channel on itunes.

  • The Winter Olympics
  • Flow and the fear factor with snow sport athletes
  • The role of strength & conditioning in snow sports
  • Building buy in

Interested in attending the April ACP? Head over to the booking page by clicking here.



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