Altis Athletes set for Beijing

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Ellie Kormis

Ellie Kormis

ALTIS Director of Education

With the start of the 15th IAAF World Championships just six days away, we are excited to announce the full list of Altis athletes set to line up in the iconic Birds Nest stadium in Beijing.

The group of 17 athletes – representing a total of 13 nations – marks the largest ever group of Altis athletes competing at a global championships.

“As a staff, we are very excited to be sending such a number of athletes to the World Championships; this is in addition to coaches John, Dan, Andreas, Dustin, and myself – as well as one of our awesome therapists – Junko Yazawa – who is in Beijing as a part of the USATF staff” said Performance Director – Stu McMillan. “We look forward to many season-best performances, and the opportunity to use these Championships as a springboard to the Rio Olympic Games – now less than a year away!”

Aries Merritt: USA – 110H
Matthias Buehler: Germany – 110H
Mikel Thomas: Trinidad & Tobago – 110H
Lindsay Lindley: Nigeria – 100H
Isabelle Pedersen: Norway- 100H
Anaso Jobodwana: South Africa – 200m & 4x100m
Jeremy Dodson: Samoa – 200m
Justyn Warner: Canada – 100m & 4x100m
Akeem Haynes: Canada – 4x100m
Hafsa Kamara: Sierra Leone – 100m

Christabel Nettey: Canada – Long Jump
Greg Rutherford: GB – Long Jump
Fabrice Lapierre: Australia – Long Jump
Steve Lewis: GB – Pole Vault
Brad Walker: USA – Pole Vault
Tori Pena: Ireland – Pole Vault


Vikas Gowda: India – Discus

To access the full day-by-day competition schedule starting Friday August 22nd, and scheduled over 9 days – click here.

To track the Altis athletes’ final preparations, and all the action from Beijing follow @AltisWorld on twitter and use the hashtag #carrytheshield
To track the Altis athletes’ final preparations, and all the action from Beijing follow @AltisWorld on twitter and use the hashtag #carrytheshield


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