Training Camp at Altis – a Coach’s perspective

Brett Morse
Ellie Kormis

Ellie Kormis

ALTIS Director of Education

Whilst the Welsh Athletics Sprints group headed by Coach Matt Elias are currently enjoying the perfect training conditions onsite in Phoenix, Welsh Athletics National Event Group Lead for Throws – Andy Brittan – and the Welsh Throws squad recently returned home following a 3 week training camp at Altis. We asked Coach Brittan to take a look back on the squad’s time at Altis, and give us his thoughts on training onsite in Phoenix:

“The Welsh Athletics Throws group arrived at Altis on the 3rd March for a 3 week training camp. This was our last strength camp before starting speed work. The athletes who attended were Brett Morse (Discus 66.84m 2012 Olympian, Ranked 8th in the World in 2013). Ryan Spencer-Jones ( Shot 18.66m 2010 Commonwealth Games finalist) and Adele Nicoll (Shot/Discus 14.33m/46.35m World Youth Championships finalist in Shot 2013)

We found the facilities to be first class and we were able to access them at the times we required in order to maximize recovery times between sessions. I was corresponding with [Athlete Services Manager] Nick Sheuerman prior to our arrival and he was extremely helpful in ensuring that our requirements were met.

All of the Altis staff were very helpful and supportive during our time there and we had excellent medical support from Dan Pfaff, Jerod Carnahan and the resident chiropractor, Nick Porterfield. John Godina did a great technical session with Adele which she really enjoyed and I took away some ideas and drills that we can easily fit into our throwing sessions. John also gave me some advice to assist me with the technical aspects that Ryan and I are currently working on. John was very supportive during the entire trip and was available to give advice at all times.

“All of the Altis staff were very helpful and supportive during our time there and we had excellent medical support”

The weights facility [Exos] was an outstanding facility to train at and all of the athletes were very impressed with the set up and organization including the helpfulness of the staff. It was also very interesting to see professional athletes from other sports training and to have the opportunity to interact with them.

The trip was a big success and all of the athletes achieved some big improvements in the weight room as well as consolidating the technical aspects of the throw that we are working on. I would certainly recommend the Center as an ideal place to hold a warm weather training camp as the facilities are first class as is the support from the Altis team. The area around Scottsdale also has excellent facilities with lots to do on rest days.”

“The trip was a big success and all of the athletes achieved some big improvements”

You can keep up to date about Coach Andy Brittan and his squad as they continue their final preparations for the 2014 Commonwealth Games by visiting Welsh Athletics. Coach Brittan is also founder of the Fortitude Throwing group. The FT website can be found at


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