The Role of Nutrition in Peak Performance

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ALTIS is an elite training environment for athletes, and a global leader of education in sport performance.

“There are still too many opportunities being missed between areas of expertise. Whoever can bridge these gaps will trigger the next wave of innovation and solutions.”

To maximize the preparation of the elite athlete, a multitude of service providers have to be in place.  At the center is always the athlete.  Extending out from there, is the coach, the medical team, the science team, and other essential cogs in the support team – including the nutritionist. 

This season, we have been excited to add Dr. Marc Bubbs to our staff as our Consultant Nutritionist, who is providing nutritional and supplemental advice to our athlete group. 

Dr. Bubbs states that, “It’s always exciting to work with elite athletes pushing the boundaries of performance and looking for every possible edge, and of course, with a global leader like ALTIS who share a holistic view of the athlete and performance.”

With such a wide range of athletes, competing in a multitude of events, from all over the world, it is important that we do all we can to provide as individualized approach as possible.  

“The limiting factor in performance nutrition can vary markedly from one athlete to another, making understanding the individual a fundamental piece of the performance puzzle.”

 Dr. Marc Bubbs

ALTIS CEO Stuart McMillan is excited to have Dr. Bubbs on board: “We have gotten to know Marc for a couple of years now – last year, he worked with Jodie Williams – who had an awesome season, and Phylicia George.  Both athletes loved his work, and we decided to bring him into the fold this year.  Thus far, I am happy to report, that his work has been excellent, and the athletes have thoroughly enjoyed the added level of expertise.  Marc works not only to provide nutritional advice, but also to educate the athletes on why he is recommending what he is recommending – which sits perfectly within our own ethos.”

You may know that Dr. Bubbs has written a book – Peak – The New Science of Athletic Performance That Is Revolutionizing Sports. Below, Strength and Power Coach Jason Hettler shares his thoughts.

Within the book, Dr. Bubbs has managed to take his specialized knowledge in the world of Nutrition, and supplement it with a growing network and understanding of many other disciplines. 

He has identified pillars of performance, and with the help of subject matter experts, he cultivated vast amounts of information and connected many dots. 

Broken into 4 sections (Foundation, Fuel, Recovery, and Supercharge), Peak leaves no stone unturned. Dr. Bubbs wrangles complex topics such as Performance Nutrition, The Athlete Microbiome, Brain Health & Concussions, Monitoring & Recovery, and much more by combining the latest scientific research with the experiences of “in the trenches” professionals. 

Not only this but he has managed to take some very dense material and make it palatable and enjoyable to consume. 

When asked about the book my answer is simple, “I took more notes than I have taken in A WHILE and it is a resource that I am sure to reference on many occasions.”

Make sure to check out Peak and also give Dr. Bubbs’ Performance Nutrition Podcast a listen!


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