The making of Altis

ALTIS & Connor Sport
Ellie Kormis

Ellie Kormis

ALTIS Director of Education

With the new Altis brand launched this week, we caught up with Peter Simmons (PS) and Ryan McNamara (RM) from our branding team, 5or6, to get an insight into our journey developing the new name and logo.

Why the change?
PS – The business has grown so much since its inception. The brand needed to reflect the growth of the company. We also wanted the brand to echo their values and involve the athletes in the journey.

How did you derive at the name?
RM – Each branding process we embark on with our clients is unique. We started the process back in February when we sat down with John (Godina), Stuart (McMillan) and the key stakeholders to really get an understanding of the vision and mission of the company. We researched a vast amount of areas for names – sport, different languages, random objects, space exploration, history, and begun making up words. Altis really stood out from the crowd. It met all the selection criteria and has an amazing back story.

5or6 Creative Director Ryan McNamara back in February 2015 working with the Altis team in Phoenix

Where did the shield logo come from?
PS – The athletes have been central to the process from the very beginning. Our research revealed common themes – they talked to us about feeling part of a family, a community. They also liked the peer-support aspects of practice and felt stronger for being part of that team. We found a quote about warriors and how they hold a sword and breastplate to protect themselves but a shield to protect the whole line. We really liked the thoughts behind this and felt the shield reflected the feeling of togetherness and strength that the athletes treasured.

The shield has an ‘A’ chevron at it’s center to represent Altis, but it also represents Mount Olympus and the idea of striving for the top.

What are the future plans for the brand?
RM – We have a phased approach to the launch but we love the flexibility the new brand gives us and are planning some really exciting updates. We want the athletes and coaches to be proud to wear the shield and to be associated with Altis. It is a positive brand and one that we hope can make a real difference in the industry.



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