February (2) in ALTIS 360°



ALTIS is an elite training environment for athletes, and a global leader of education in sport performance.

The second instalment for content on ALTIS 360° this month comes with some exciting diversity and great discussions from world leaders in our industry. Sharpen your coaching skills with these thought provoking presentations:

Dan Pfaff: Warm-Up Movement Screen


If you think you have learned and heard everything you can from Coach Dan Pfaff, you need to be reminded of his four decades of experience and ability to coach, teach, and apply his vast and extensive knowledge base. In this on-track presentation, Dan goes through the why’s, how’s and when’s of the movement screen used everyday at ALTIS.

From behind I would be looking a lot at the ilium and sacrum are moving in harmony… The arms when they flail, they give you an indication of where that dysfunctional fulcrum is.

Loren Landow: Unlocking Rotational Power

@LorenLandow                       www.lorenlandowperformance.com

As a movement and conditioning specialist for the best football players and martial artists in the world, Loren knows a thing or two about generating rotational force in athletes. In this presentation, he takes us through the potential threats to effective rotatory force generation, as well as some practical applications for your athletes. A must for throwers, jumpers and sprinters alike.

I don’t athlete are inherently weak in the trunk, I just don’t think they know how to use it.

ALTIS’ poolside chats this month come from days four and five of the recent January ACP in Phoenix. Topics you will find:

  • coaching different personalities in athletes
  • marketing, attitudes, and social media for coaches
  • writing training programs; density, volume and intensity
  • interpreting variable results from a training program/philosophy
  • embracing chaos as a coach



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