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Ian Warner

How Perspective Creates Success

By Ian Warner The interesting thing about success is that to become more successful, we have to help others achieve success. What does this have to do with the sport of track and field? Everything. Because success in this sport is about relationships. And relationships require perspective when communicating with others, especially for track and field athletes. For relationships to...

The Minority Report

In the second of this season's blog-post installments, ALTIS Coach - Natasha Harvey explores some of the challenges faced by minority groups in the coaching profession, and suggests solutions to overcoming them. In a recent interview with ALTIS’ Digital Media Lead - Ian Warner, I was asked to shed light on what it’s like to be me. Not Natasha Harvey;...

Ian Warner boosts ALTIS Digital Education presence

Ian Warner - a 2012 Olympian, entrepreneur, author, and Managing Director of Cover Ground - an interactive digital forum for athlete education - is now set to take the helm as Digital Media Activator for ALTIS. Since hanging up his spikes, the 25 year old Business Graduate from Iowa State University has forged a path for himself in media across...
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