andrew huberman

Do the Work

“First say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do.” Epictetus How do we get comfortable with the uncomfortable? By leaning into the discomfort.   Analyze high performers in any domain - sport, business, art, etc., and you will find that one commonality is that high performers don’t wait for inspiration - they simply ...

Embrace Change

Anyway - the point to all of this is to talk 'Embrace the Suck'. Next month, in an attempt to reduce my ‘limbic friction’ - i.e. to reduce the gap between intention and action - I will be running 5 miles, trap-bar deadlifting 100 kilos 100 times, and doing 100 push-ups - every day, for a month.   This will be...

Limbic Friction

A few years back, I asked my buddy Brian MacKenzie if he could come out to Phoenix, and present at an ALTIS Apprentice Coach Program.  He said he’d love to - but could he bring a friend?  Seems he was working with this friend on some stuff around fear and breathing.   I said - “absolutely! That sounds cool.  Let’s do it!” Turned out that...
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