Coaching the Relays + Short Sprints Bundle


Potential in the 4×100, 4×200 and 4×400 relay cannot be fully realized without systematic training of speed and acceleration.

Learn how, when you purchase Coaching the Relays as a bundle with our highly acclaimed Course – Coaching the Short Sprints

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Save $59 when you bundle the Short Sprints and Relays Course

a winning duo

Coaching the Short Sprints and Relays are digital courses which provide a clear, comprehensive, and one-stop shop for coaching the sprint and relay events.

Understand the factors that generate success in short sprints and where to position fast athletes in relays.

Learn how to implement speed progressions and solve common relay errors such as missed exchanges.

Develop a proven step-by-step approach to coaching sprint events and effectively structure a relay to achieve higher success.

Bundle Overview

Packed with coaching insights, tips, tools, and progressions, Coaching the Short Sprints and Coaching the Relays include content masterfully curated by two of the greatest Track & Field Coaches of all time - Dan Pfaff & Vince Anderson.

Purchased together, you will have access everything you need to create successful sprinters and relay teams, accelerating your program to success.




  • Coaches who work with sprint athletes and coach the relay events
  • Coaches looking to improve their sprint and relay programs.
  • Coaches who are complete novices to the sprints and relays
  • Veteran Coaches who want an excellent refresh and alternate lens


Coaching the Short Sprints + Relays allows you to access premium coaching education curriculum on any digital device, anywhere, anytime; and with the ability to start where you last left off, you receive a guided education on your own terms.

Combined together, these course delivers over 32 hours of engaging content  including explanations, graphics, video examples, and guest interviews.

Your learning is reinforced by multiple choice quizzes at the end of each module.

This format allows you to:

  • Study online at your own pace
  • Take the online learning checks when you are ready
  • Refer back to content at leisure with lifelong access to the course, including access to all future course updates

How will these courses help solve the problems you face?

Together, these courses are a formidable team. They will help you to :

  • Understand how to apply the biomechanics of the sprints to your coaching practice
  • Safely and effectively apply progressions to coach beginners to progress to development level and beyond
  • Understand the basics of effective programming for the the 60m, 100m & 200m
  • Determine successful athlete relay selection
  • Avoid dropped batons and fumbled exchanges
  • Minimize inconsistent relay performances and lack of team cohesion
  • Produce a successful relay team using a proven step by step practice format in less than an hour


Only $239

1Sprinting: An Introductory Journey

2The Dynamics and Mechanics of Sprinting

3Sprinting: Trainability, Strategy, Technical Models, & KPIs

4Starting Ability

5Acceleration Ability

6Maximum Velocity & The ALTIS Kinogram

7Speed Endurance Ability & The Sprint Finish

8Teaching Inventory: Starting & Acceleration

9Teaching Inventory: Maximum Velocity & Speed Endurance

10Sport Injuries in Sprinting: Patterns, Trends & Current Thinking

11Programming Concepts for the Short Sprints

12Elite Coach-Athlete Perspectives

Module 1 - Begin with the End in Mind 


  • The relay exchange
  • Relay tradition
  • Relay rules
  • Relay events & technical parameters (4x100m, 4x200m, 4x400m, 1600m sprint medley relay, distance medley relay, 4x800m, 4x1500m)
  • Key coaching themes

Module 2 - The 4x100m Relay


  • Detailed considerations for the 4×100 relay
  • Organizing principles for the 4×100 relay
  • Operating principles for the 4×100 relay

Module 3 - The 4x100m Relay - Details


  • The importance of acceleration
  • Timeline of a 4×100 exchange
  • Relay legs, roles & responsibilities
  • Relay stances
  • Personnel placement

Module 4 - 4x100m Teaching Progression/
4x400 and 4x200 Specifics

  • The building blocks to creating a world class exchange, using structured teaching progressions
  • 4×400 Passing specifics / stance alignment
  • 4×200 Passing specifics / stance alignment

Bundle and save

Save $59 when you bundle the Short Sprints and Relays Course