BREAKING: Thorne Research now naming partner for the ALTIS Apprentice Coach Program

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ALTIS is an elite training environment for athletes, and a global leader of education in sport performance.

In December of 2017, we formed a partnership with Thorne Research – one of the most respected leaders in nutritional science and supplement intervention. Over the last 2 years, this partnership has not only provided the athletes that train with ALTIS access to an extensive range of high quality products, but has also continually educated both coaches and athletes about the importance of using trusted nutritional supplementation.

The product line that Thorne provides ALTIS includes those that are NSF Certified for Sport®, which not only ensures product purity and freedom from unsafe levels of contaminants, but confirms they are free of more than 200 banned or prohibited substances.

In September of this year, Thorne were a primary sponsor of the inaugural ‘ALTIS High Performance Think Tank’ held in South Lake Tahoe, California. This event was a massive success, and brought together thought-leaders from a variety of fields, providing an opportunity to collaborate on a number of topics within high performance.

We are very excited to announce that Thorne has agreed to become the new naming partner of the ALTIS Apprentice Coach Program.  We are incredibly proud of this Program, which now enters into its 7th year, and has welcomed over 600 coaches, therapists, and others from all levels of sport, from almost every corner of the globe.  

ALTIS CEO Stuart McMillan highlights the the growth of the partnership:

“From the onset of our relationship with Thorne, we have worked to better educate not only our own athletes and staff, but the athletes and coaches in sport at-large about the importance of high-quality, safe, and effective nutritional supplementation.  Thorne continue to be the vanguard in this area in sports nutrition, and we are super-excited to expand our relationship to now include our flagship Program – the ACP!”

With Thorne on board, we are looking forward to continuing to make the ACP bigger and better every month, and Thorne Director, Sports Performance Tom Pazdernik had this to say ….

“To say that Thorne was thrilled to partner with ALTIS would be a massive understatement.  For the past two years we have had the opportunity to support a very talented, hard working group of athletes and coaches.  What really sets ALTIS apart though, is their commitment to sharing ideas, helping other coaches learn & grow and leading by example in an industry filled with self serving egos.”

With Thorne onboard, we are excited to continue improving upon the 4-day Apprentice Coach Program. To learn more about the ACP and reserve your spot now – click here!


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