Virtual ACP Video Bundle: June 22 – 26


Enjoy the presentations and interviews from the first ever Virtual Apprentice Coach Program.

It's Up To Us

100% of the registration fees from the live Virtual ACP were donated to a scholarship endowment at an Historically Black College, and a portion of all proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to the ALTIS Foundation.

Become A Better Coach

This video bundle is for anyone looking at expanding their knowledge in the realm of team sports speed. Featuring several expert perspectives from practitioners in Rugby, Soccer, MMA, Baseball, Football and Track & Field.

Immerse yourself in the science and practice of speed - learn from proven experts in the sports performance field.

Gain valuable insight from leaders in sport performance - including Dr. Duncan French and Dr. Sophia Nimphius.

Listen to the famous Poolside Chats - a moderated Q&A session with the guest presenters and ALTIS staff.

What's Included

The video bundle includes presentations, interviews and discussions with leaders in sport performance.

Presentations, Discussions and Interviews

Kevin Tyler Coaches for Change
Dan Pfaff Acceleration and Speed KPI's for Team Sports
Dr. Robert Rountree Nutrition for Immunology
Dr. Jas Randhawa The Mechanics of Health
Dr. Sophia Nimphius The Many Way to Express Speed
Dr. Ken Clark Speed Science for Team Sport Athletes
Taylor Boggs Speed on the O-Line
Dr. Duncan French Competition Fighter Mentality
Denis Logan I Believe, I Think, I Know
Stuart McMillan Art & Science of Speed for Team Sport Part I and II
Les Spellman Using Data to Drive Performance
Alek Gross & Matt Sayce Speed in the Premiere League
Rachel Balkovec & Joanna Hayes Quickfire Speed Discussion
  Daily Poolside Chats



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Dr. Sophia Nimphius
Professor of Human Performance | Edith Cowan University

Dan Pfaff - Head Coach | ALTIS

Dan Pfaff
Head Coach | ALTIS

Duncan French

Dr. Duncan French
Vice President, Performance | UFC Performance Institute

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Dr. Ken Clark
PhD Biomechanics | Coach & Researcher in Human Performance


Kevin Tyler
President | ALTIS


Taylor Boggs
Coach & Brand Innovation Director | LB O-line Performance


Rachel Balkovec
Hitting Coach | New York Yankees

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Les Spellman
Founder | Spellman Performance


Stuart McMillan

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Denis Logan
Head of Athletic Performance | Munster Rugby


Ivi Casagrande
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach | Orlando Pride


Dr. Jas Randhawa
Lead Performance Therapist | ALTIS

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Robert Rountree M.D
Chief Medical Advisor | Thorne

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Matthew Sayce
Lead Academy S&C Coach | Southampton FC


Alek Gross
Head of Sports Science | Southampton FC


Joanna Hayes
Professional Track Coach | 2004 Olympic Gold Medallist


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We want to be a part of the solution

We are deeply troubled by the systemic racism prevalent in today’s society. And while we don’t profess to have the answers, we are committed to taking action through engagement and education.

As a first step we donated 100% of the registration fees from this live event to a scholarship endowment at an Historically Black College.

Our goal was to raise $100,000 by mobilizing 1,000 coaches to the join the Virtual Apprentice Coach Program.

We are committed to this endeavor and portion of all proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to the ALTIS Foundation.

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