How important are teaching progressions for horizontal jumpers?

In this practical, legendary jumps coach Irving ‘Boo’ Schexnayder takes a group of athletes through a series of multi-jump routines and triple jump progressions, as he shares his thoughts on:

  • What he thinks is the most important concept in coaching the triple jump
  • What almost all jumpers have the most trouble with
  • How to progress bounding 
  • Key coaching points for jump progressions

This 30 minute video is sure to improve how you coach your horizontal jumpers!

Coach Irving ‘Boo’ Schexnayder is regarded internationally as one of the leading authorities in training design and coaching the jumping events. 

He owns the prestigious ‘Master Coach’ Designation from USA Track and Field, and is the founder of the Track and Field Academy – the educational branch of the US Track and Field and Cross Country Association.

He is also a good friend of ALTIS, and is the lead author of the ALTIS Coaching the Horizontal Jumps Course, a digital platform that delivers 12 modules of engaging discussions, graphics, videos, and learning checkpoints that support your learning experience and encourage critical thinking.

If you are a jumps coach, this Course is a must-have: it will take you through the biomechanics, the programming, the coaching process, and the most-important drills so you can get the most out of your jumpers.