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Make incremental gains in movement efficiency, and therefore aid in the
promotion of wellness and improved performance.

Develop trust in your treatment thought process, learn key elements of therapy, and
formulate practical strategies to improve athlete performance.

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What Is Performance Therapy?

Performance Therapy is a layer of input aimed at optimizing the quality of daily practice. Its purpose is to accomplish incremental gains in movement efficiency, and therefore aid in the promotion of wellness and improved performance. It is not a replacement for any variety of inputs - clinical or otherwise - beneficial to athlete recovery from training efforts. Learn more in the video below, with Coach Pfaff. 

Course Overview

The Performance Therapy Course (PTC) is a digital course designed to share the comprehensive background behind the ALTIS Performance Therapy Model. This unique course reveals how we have developed this model through the synthesis of cumulative experiences of over 100 years of coaching and therapy, delivered by our lead staff here at ALTIS. This Digital Course is Phase I of our Performance Therapy offering, providing the background and processes necessary to optimize your understanding of the application of Performance Therapy.  Like all of our Courses, this PTC is a ‘living’ course that will expand and improve over time - based primarily on the critique of our community.

Who's It For

  • Practitioners at all levels of sport and in all environments
  • Coaches and/or therapists who aspire to maximize their interactions with an athletic population
  • Those working with weekend warriors and/or Olympic and professional athletes

Improve athlete health + performance

For a limited time for just $499 (regular price $749)

Or start now with a payment plan for just $59.90/month for 10 months

Course Format

The main body of this digital Course is divided into three ‘books’ - lenses through which we manage our most relevant problems in sport, specifically PROBLEMS OF CHAOS and PROBLEMS of CONTEXT.  These books are:

  • BOOK 1 - PHILOSOPHY (things we need to know to identify problems)
  • BOOK 2 - SCIENCE (things we need to know to identify solutions to problems)
  • BOOK 3 - ART (things we need to know to solve problems)

We also present further insight with practical examples and case-studies. This includes reference to the here and now at ALTIS, as well as our own previous experiences, and those of our friends and colleagues from around the world. Finally, we offer our thoughts on current ‘hot-button’ topics in sport medicine, including return to play, hamstring injuries, medical imaging, and tendinopathy.

Course Outcomes

    • Encourages learners to develop an understanding of how the concepts discussed can be tailored to each of our unique ecosystems.
    • Provides opportunity for practitioners operating across the spectrum to understand - and apply - the Performance Therapy Methodology to their own environment.
    • Promotes active participation in the continuing education process.

ALTIS Certification

In recognition of your achievement you are awarded with the ALTIS Performance Therapy Course Certificate of Completion.

Learn the ALTIS Performance Therapy Methodology

Delve into a wealth of information to develop your understanding of the tools and systems used in Performance Therapy. 

Enhance your ability to better understand and process complex problems

Develop your understanding of the Philosophy, Science, and Art of Performance Therapy

Learn the critical systems and methodological tools underpinning the application of Performance Therapy

Dr. Michael Ashton, DPT, ATC (Professional Basketball)

The Course really challenged me by making me go beyond my comfort zone. It challenged some of my core beliefs, uncovered some biases…and provided a framework on how to function within a performance team. I would without doubt recommend anybody to take this course. The content is valid and would benefit all practitioners spanning all types of environments - not just the elite sports environment.

What You'll Learn

This course spends a significant amount of time introducing ideas, concepts, and methods before we actually get into the details of how we manage problems. Through this lens, we explore why problems exist, and how to go about understanding the most-appropriate management strategies to these problems.

We spend a lot of time on context - a lot of time on the process. This is important to us, as a crux of this Course pays homage to the fact that we all have our own unique challenges - our own problems - within our own environments. To simply employ a ‘paint by numbers’ approach to solving these problems is not an effective way to further our own individual knowledge, nor that of the industry in which we work.

Throughout, we then offer examples explaining how we have gone about these processes within our own environments - both here at ALTIS currently, and in the past within previous environments we have found ourselves in. This includes Dr. Ramogida’s experiences with the Seattle Seahawks, and Dan Pfaff with the lead up to Donovan Bailey’s world record 100m run in Atlanta in 1996. Finally, we share examples of how some of our friends have provoked a shift in thinking with respect to how problems are approached within their own industries - including Dr. John Berardi with nutrition, and Dr. Fergus Connolly with training for team sports.


for a limited time for just $499 (regular price $749)

Or start now for $59.90/month for 10 months


The ALTIS Performance Therapy Course gives coaches and therapists an in depth look into the ALTIS philosophy of Performance Therapy. Built upon decades of practical experience, delegates will gain an unprecedented look into the Performance Therapists reasoning process in various situations and environments.

Specifically, the ALTIS Performance Therapy Course will help coaches and therapists navigate how best to:

Develop trust in their treatment thought process by helping those with limited exposure move to an area of better understanding while helping to sharpen strength they already possess

Gain an understanding of the key elements that the worlds best coaches and therapists are currently using in their practice

Develop the ability to not only understand movement science, but formulate practical strategies to help augment performance

Course Creators

Written by Stuart McMillan, Dr. Gerry Ramogida, Dr. Jas Randhawa, and legendary coach and educator Dan Pfaff, the ALTIS Performance Therapy Course shares the collective knowledge of some of the most experienced minds in the sport performance industry today.

Dan Pfaff, Author

Coach Pfaff is a globally recognized expert in the field of coaching & coach education. With over 40 years coaching across multiple T&F disciplines, Dan has led 49 Olympians to 9 medals and has lectured in 27 countries across multiple sports.

Dr. Gerry Ramogida, Author

Dr. Gerry Ramogida has spent over 20 years working at the highest levels of sport having involvement in multiple Olympic, World Championship, Commonwealth, and Pan American Games. He has worked as a Chiropractor and Performance Therapist in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks, Vancouver Canucks of the NHL, Vancouver Whitecaps of the MLS, and  the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. Dr. Ramogida began teaching Performance Therapy in 2013.

Stuart McMillan, Author

Currently in his 21st year of professional coaching, Coach McMillan is Performance Director & Sprints coach at ALTIS. Stuart has worked with professional and amateur athletes in a variety of sports with a focus on power and speed development, and has personally coached 60 Olympians at 6 Olympic Games; 30 of whom have won Olympic medals.

Dr. Jas Randhawa, Author

Dr. Jas Randhawa is the Senior Director of Athlete Health for the Sacramento Kings, and has worked within elite sport for over a decade. He has served as both a Performance Therapists and Physical Preparation coach for national teams and multiple professional athletes. In addition, Dr. Randhawa has been fortunate enough to have lectured globally in both these domains.

Along with:

Dr. Anthony Shield, Dr. David Joyce, Dr. Doug Kechijan, Dr. Ewa K. Paulch, Dr. Fergus Connolly, Dr. Israel Halperin, Dr. John Beradi, Dr. Kelly Starrett, Dr. Matt Jordan, Matt Thome, Dr. Paul Dijkstra, Dr. Rob Gray, Dr. Sholom Glouberman, Dr. Tim Gabbett, Dr. Tyler Goodale, Brett Bartholomew, Goldie Sayers, Gordon Bosworth, Kebba Tolbert, Shawn Myszka

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No, once you've enrolled you can complete the course according to whatever timeline suits you. There is no time limit for completion, and you can study at your own pace.


“Purchased and blown away with the volume of content! Being honest, I’ve skimmed through a lot of the content to get to book 3 and am now going backwards and forwards reading the material in depth, watching the videos numerous times and making many notes. I think it’s an excellent bit of work that is a great expansion to the foundation and short sprint courses as it adds a  new context to what had been learnt previously.” Mike Fountain | Founder & Lead Coach for Speed Development Project, UK

“Currently working my way through book 1 and am really enjoying it so far. I like the mix of video and written content along with the checkpoints. I find that these really help me reflect on how it is relatable to where I currently am and how I want to apply it going forward.”

Caitlin Marshall | Athletic Therapist with UNB Track and Field/Cross Country

“I am two sections completed and loving the content. As expected you guys are bringing a unique and timely perspective to this subject matter. Challenging convention is one of my first loves and this program is most certainly on that path. Also happy to have been able to contribute in some small way to the outcome. Looking forward to the next few weeks of learning, contemplating and integration into my own process. Thanks for all you guys are doing!”

Scott Livingston | Performance Coach

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for a limited time for just $499 (regular price $749)


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