ALTIS Classics

ALTIS Classics features the classic presentations from the UofA Legacy Series, as well as other presentations from years gone by.

These presentations are in the ALTIS Classics category, as their content is gold, but you will find the video quality is sometimes more classic than cutting edge. If you can look past this, you will be plunged into some of the best coaching content out there, from coaching legends past and present.

The UofA presentations features some of the best content from The Canadian Athletics Coaching Center (TCACC) from 2004 – 2015.

TCACC was created through an endowment provided by the Federal Government of Canada to promote athletics after the World Championships were hosted in Edmonton in 2001. The Center was a part of the Department of Physical Education & Recreation at the University of Alberta, and was supported by the UofA, The 2001 Legacy Board, Athletics Canada and Athletics Alberta.

In an effort to create an online resource for Canadian Coaches, the Center was one of the first organizations to create high quality digital content. The content was quickly discovered by coaches outside of Canada and the Center’s website became a hub for coach development throughout the world.

With the closing of the Center in 2016 the University of Alberta and ALTIS reached an agreement to keep the content alive – so future generations of coaches could benefit from it.

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