Enjoy the fourth video in our exclusive October video series

Wired Athletes - What Does This Mean & Look Like?

with Dan Pfaff

In this video Dan Pfaff clarifies a couple of points based upon questions he is commonly asked by coaches relating to the nervous system. In coaching circles, athletes are sometimes referred to as being ‘wired’. Often people are unsure of what this means, and how that affects how they should be coached.

This excerpt below is from Module 2, Section 2.5 of the Foundation Course and precedes the video with Dan.


Fascial tissues within the collagen matrix support and connect the arrangement of moving parts throughout the body, along with a symphony of other structures and organs.

Fascia was thought to be junk material by early surgeons and anatomists, and in some medical circles, its significance is only just being recognized: More recent exploration in this area, however, has suggested that communication pathways exist within the collagen matrix, which are multifaceted and complex. These are thought to complement the operation of the nervous system and are known as ‘alternate communication pathways’.

While it is very early days in terms of research in this area, communication pathways via this alternate system could potentially fill in many gaps we currently face when trying to explain various motor schema and informational chunking processes: They also affect how we approach various therapy issues and motor re-education programming.

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